Your HelloGiggles horoscope, August 11th to 17th: Just hold on, we’re going home

Okay, let’s be honest: Who’s been short-tempered, impatient, and just going through it lately? Yep, just what I thought: everyone. These last few weeks have been trying. We might not like who we are right now, but I can assure you that whatever is coming up for you now is all a part of the healing process. We’re being called to dig deep and be more vulnerable, compassionate, and authentic than ever before. We just have to endure the hard part before we get to the good stuff. Thankfully, we have a solar eclipse on Saturday, August 11th that will help get us through. Here’s what else the stars have in store for you this week.

The partial solar eclipse is going down on August 11th in Leo. The Lioness is typically filled with creative energy, confidence, and exuberance, and we really need her light right now. After the eclipse, you’ll feel more empowered than you have in a long time as you relax into who you are. Whatever you’re called to follow, create, and express—do that. It’s leading you toward your life’s purpose, and it could lead to something super magical—after all the retrogrades calm down. Embrace that energy and let it propel you forward during the days ahead.


You’re in better spirits than you have been in a while, Leo. You’ll enjoy one of the last weeks of your birthday month as you reach out to your tried-and-trusted squad and make peace with the decisions of your past. Embrace your call of the wild on the 11th and do what feels right to your soul.


Don’t be afraid to reach out to that special someone, Virgo. You’ve been struggling to put the pieces of your past behind you, but you must tie up any loose ends in order to move forward. Maybe it’s forgiving and letting go of an ex, or maybe it’s finally forgiving yourself. Set yourself free.


You’re second-guessing your abilities, Libra, which is sending you into a tailspin. Before you decide to take on a new project or commitment (which isn’t recommended during Mercury retrograde anyway), take a minute to make a pros and cons list. Then remember: you are a badass.


Security and peace of mind are weighing heavily on you, Scorpio. You might be dealing with issues at your job that are making you question your career path, or maybe relationship stuff is making you question your heart’s desire. When in doubt, take a breath and listen to your intuition. She knows best.


You’re itching for a new adventure, Sag. And not just any adventure—you’re dreaming of starting fresh and leaving your troubles behind. New beginnings are healing and cleansing, but if you don’t handle your crap before taking off, it’ll come back to bite you eventually. Deal with your issues first, then jet.


Listen to your creativity, Cappy. You’re on the right path when it comes to a certain project, whether you think so or not. Trust that you are far more gifted and talented than you give yourself credit for, and then let go. Express yourself, say what you need to say, and let the Universe take over the rest.


You’re dealing with something, Aquarius, that asks, Do you try again, or do you leave for good? Your first instinct might be to give up, but perhaps making something stick is your lesson. Fighting through the tough times can be immensely rewarding and transformative. Think about what will help you the most.


Practical matters are at the forefront of your life, Pisces. You’ve been more responsible and concerned with financial issues than usual, and though this is a great period of growth for you, you also don’t want to suffocate your intuitive and artistic nature. After all, that is what makes you you.


You’re feeling a little out of sorts, Aries. Aren’t we all? But it seems you’re juggling a heavy load lately and having trouble with knowing who to trust. This is the perfect time to be alone and sort out what you need to. Trust your instincts, and say no to whatever doesn’t feel like a juicy yes.


It’s time to let loose, Taurus. You’ve been in your head lately and struggling with a lot, but now the Universe wants you to relax and trust. Trust that the answers will come to you and that you’re on the right path. Don’t question yourself anymore, and just do what feels good.


You typically question things a lot, Gemini, but recently you’ve been questioning your life more than living it. It’s time for you to make a decision. You can debate details until the cows come home, but nothing will ever progress unless you make the decision to decide. You know the answer.


You’re feeling subdued and resigned about a decision in your life, Cancer. You might even feel like you’ve been on a hamster wheel recently with no way out. Remember—there’s always another way, another option to take. You have it within you to change, you just have to believe it.

This week proves that whatever hardship we are currently facing, we have the power to not only tackle it but to grow from it. Don’t be afraid to change, bbs, because it’s in changing that we can finally find that elusive peace and happiness we all deserve.

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