Your Weekly Horoscope, February 7th to 13th: A Roadblock Will Make You Rethink Matters in Your Life

It might be hard to move forward.

The cosmic energy is a bit calmer for this weekly horoscope than in the past few weeks—but it’ll make you rethink your current plans and situations. The sun and Mercury retrograde connect in Aquarius on February 8th, making this a time of clarity.

Mercury retrograde aligns with the Nodes of Destiny on February 10th, bringing you chance encounters. Later in the morning, Mercury and Uranus, which is in Taurus, square off. This will open your eyes to matters you’ve turned a blind eye to. The new moon in Aquarius occurs the same day Venus and Jupiter align in Aquarius. This is a magical day for manifesting love and money.

Mercury retrograde and Venus link up on February 13th, which could bring an ex back into your life. Mars, which is in Taurus, harmonizes with Neptune, which is in Pisces, on February 13th. It may be hard to move forward then, but you’ll be able to push through the roadblocks that are holding us back.


Let your past professional connections be your guide towards attaining your goals. If you ask them for help, they will come to your aid and advocate for you on the career front. Not only that, but there’s also a very good chance they could bring you a new professional opportunity.


The cosmos are gassing up your career to high gear. The only caveat is that you can fall victim to personal setbacks of your own creation. Your innermost fears are holding you back from achieving your goals at the moment. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Lean into your success.


It’s been a long winter and you’re craving a great escape from mundane activities. This week, you have the opportunity to press the reset button and start fresh in your life, but only if you allow yourself the chance to engage in higher-minded pursuits like a Zoom yoga class.


Intimacy with others will be a bit challenging this week. You are unsure of what and who you want to commit to. Before you open your heart up to someone, make sure that they are worthy of you. Once they prove themselves to you, then you can give your all to them.


With your head recently lost in love, you have let your business ventures fall to the waste side. Now, you are feeling the financial pinch of your decisions. This week allows you the chance to devise a plan to get out of your hole, if you’re ready. Get busy, Leo!


There is literally anywhere you would prefer to be other than at your desk working during the day. It’s time for you to stop clock-watching and switch up the energy in your home office to change the vibe. Move furniture around to create a flow that resonates with you.


Cutting back or even coupon clipping may feel foreign to you. However, it will help you save your pennies for a rainy day. Therefore, you’ll be able to yield more money in your bank account. Although your spendthrift vibe hates to spend money conservatively, sales are your friend this week.


This weekly horoscope brings unexpected highs to your career. Try to stay on the cutting edge at work and promote extraordinary, transformative ideas or projects to your boss. Not only will this elevate your status in the office, but it will also allow your superiors to view you as a pioneer.


It’s time for you set boundaries with those in your orbit. The reason why is because they may create and start drama that doesn’t involve you. Try to stay out of the social politics of your friend group, as arguments between them may consume your energy for the next several weeks.


Take some time to figure out your finances this week. Be aware of your spending in order to keep your current financial issues under control. If you choose to overspend, then you’ll end up with no savings for the future (which is a pattern you’re trying to get out of).


Your head is spinning from all of the changes going on in your personal life. Before you have an emotional meltdown, try to stand strong knowing that all of these mini earthquakes you’re feeling will make you a better person. The process towards growth will be tough, but worth it.


An old professional opportunity is coming your way…again. Before you take it on, try not to overextend yourself with extra work. Balance your work and personal time to create an equilibrium, allowing you to steadily increase your workload. Don’t get burnt out from committing to many projects at once.