Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, February 2nd to February 8th: An energetic push is coming your way

While February is known as the month of love, we’ve been feeling a sexy, passionate energy this past week because of Mars-Venus square—and this same energy will continue into this week when Venus enters Aries on February 7th and the Leo full moon appears on February 9th.

We’re shifting from water energy to fire energy this week, which means we will not only feel more energetic and creative, but we will also feel more inspired and keen on going after what we want.

Ready to check out your weekly horoscope? Scroll below to see what’s in store for you zodiac sign—but don’t forget to check your rising sign, too.


Look at you, Aries. You’re feeling fairly stable this week, with no major issues going on, as you’re mostly focused on work and social activities. Although you could be feeling a little pouty and isolated, taking a few trips outside to reconnect with nature could do the trick.


You’re mostly focusing on family, business, and the kind of achievements and legacy you want to have this week. But even though you’re pondering long-term affairs and commitments, don’t let yourself be swayed by trivial things. Instead, try to focus on what truly matters.


You’re focused on relationships this week, trying to decide whether or not your relationships are equal. When you figure out what relationships you’re giving more to then receiving and vice versa, try to restore the equality of the ones that are wildly uneven. Good news: If you’re seeking funds, like a loan, ask for it—you have a higher chance of receiving it this week.


Lower your defenses, Cancer. It’s safe to be vulnerable with your loved ones and tell them how you truly feel. While this is something you naturally want to do, you often fiercely protect yourself. However, being defensive is not the best way to defend yourself or establish a connection with someone, no matter your situation.


Are you having trouble at work, Leo? If you are, don’t shut down—you need to collaborate with others to feel your best. While you know how to make friends, you are also very good at alienating people. Focus on forming and restoring relationships, especially when it comes to work. Pro tip: Don’t gossip—it’s never a positive activity to engage in.


If you’re thinking about making real estate moves, you may want to pull the trigger the week. Because you’re focused on your finances and stability this week, spend time crafting a financial or housing plan, and find new ways to ground yourself. 


You’re harnessing Virgo energy this week, Libra. You’re focusing on healing, improving, perfecting, and re-organizing your life. Pick an activity that will help with your self-development, such as reading a self-development book, journaling, or going to therapy. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time for this,” be aware that the more you focus on self-improvement, the more your finances will improve. 


You’re worrying a lot this week, Scorpio. And it’s important to remember that thoughts and feelings are just temporary. But if you’ve been feeling pretty awful recently, then you should use this week to recover, even if you have the tendency to get stuck in your head. If this occurs, get your body moving and do anything that will stop you from feeling stuck.


While your energy has been high lately, you run the risk of overdoing it. Use this week to calm down. Practice breathing and grounding yourself, and rest more often. You don’t want to be like Icarus and fly too close to the sun. Good news: You’re closely connected with your instincts this week, but be aware of your ego. If you listen to it too often, it can push you off-track. 


While we have already warned you to rest and take time to relax last week (and the week before), you need to continue to do the same this week, especially when it comes to resting your mind. Plus, it doesn’t help that Mercury Retrograde is right around the corner, as you have a higher chance of miscommunicating with others when you have lower energy and a poor immune system.


Your energy is strong and bright this week. Go after your goals by networking, making friends, or expanding your brand on social media. However, make sure you also ask yourself the big questions: What makes you happy? What brings you joy? This inner reflection might bring you more insights than you may realize.


Are you making people fight for you, Pisces? If you’re in the market for dating, you could have many potential suitors this week. Remember: You are the prize, even if you might not feel like it. You may bicker with your partner if you’re in a relationship—but it could also be the kind of bickering that leads to sexy time, so it’s a win-win situation. Either way, it’s a good time to do a makeover, go shopping, or redecorate the house. There’s beauty and love all around. 

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