Your HelloGiggles horoscope, February 24th to March 2nd: Intellectual stimulation will be your biggest aphrodisiac

This week, we’re leaving the “mini” month of February and heading into March, the first month of spring—so it’s time to check in with ourselves during transit. Last week, we had a Full Snow Moon in Virgo, which led us to shed outdated behaviors and patterns that were preventing us from growing on all levels. We’re also in the middle of Pisces season, meaning we’re accessing our emotions and sixth sense in powerful ways that allow us to tap into more creative, healing, and compassionate energies. This is a perfect time to combine your gut instinct with informed knowledge to form new habits that will help you evolve in both your personal and professional lives.

Speaking of the personal, on March 1st, Venus, the planet of love, enters Aquarius until the 26th. We can expect intellectual stimulation to be our aphrodisiac during this time as we seek connections that are deeper and more unconventional than what we’re used to. We’re looking for a friend and a lover. But don’t be surprised if you’re craving freedom and space within relationships during this time, too. It’s all part of our inner processes as we cleanse old ways of being to become the healthy and loving specks of stardust we truly are.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for your weekly horoscope.


Your reflex is to self-protect, Pisces, but your presence is needed. You’re on a powerful trajectory that includes stepping into your light and offering your gifts to the world. You are stronger than you realize.


It’s okay to not know the next step, Aries. While your instinct is to plow ahead and figure it out later, it would be more helpful to take a breath and explore your options. It’s okay to take your time.


You don’t like chaos or instability, Taurus, but try to see them as catalysts for change and self-improvement. While the initial “lean in” is difficult, the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll feel—and you’re all about comfort.


Your mind is constantly speeding, Gemini. You’re brimming with so many ideas that it’s difficult to see how each one could function in your life. Take a moment to journal and meditate on your thoughts. This is self-care, too!


You might find yourself at a crossroads, Cancer. You prefer to take the familiar road home, but the road less traveled is beckoning you. Heed its call. Eventually, all new places feel like home.


You have no trouble owning the limelight, Leo, but you might feel uncomfortable with what you’re putting out there. What do you want to say? And is it true to who you really are? Authenticity is more important to you now than ever. Honor that.


Having a goal helps to center you, Virgo, but make sure it’s not pulling you off track from your true purpose and sense of joy. Goals should feel good. If it feels like too much work, reconsider its true value in your life.


You’re feeling a little off center, Libra. You dislike feeling disorientated in any way, but what if you flipped the script and viewed your deviation as life’s way of putting you exactly where you need to be? In other words, go with it.


You want to make major strides in your life, Scorpio. If you’re feeling restricted, take a look at your shadow self. Chances are it’s holding you back by replaying old messages that need to be deleted. Consciousness helps promote change.


Your energy is contagious, Sag. Don’t forget this when you encounter resistance in your life. You have the power to change the energy in any room. Yes, you are that powerful. Recognize that, and then watch the shift.


It’s time to write a new story, Capricorn. Your patterns have helped you up to this point, but now it’s time to welcome new tools and new energy into your life. Think less structure, more freedom. It’ll feel different, but that’s the point.


Playing within the lines feels suffocating to you, Aquarius, but sometimes we must play by the rules to get what we want. The challenge, then, for you: how can you find the innovation within the institution and make it work for you?

Changing our patterns takes vulnerability and accountability, bbs. It’s a difficult process, but the result is a newfound sense of self-awareness and growth—a perfect place to be as we move into a new month.

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