Your Weekly Horoscope, February 21st to 27th: A Breeze of Calm Vibes Is Heading Your Way

Power will be given back to you.

This weekly horoscope will bring the chill and calm vibes back into your life. Mars, which is in Taurus, harmonizes with Pluto, which is in Capricorn, on February 24th. This will give you the power to take control of matters.

Venus enters dreamy Pisces on the 25th, the same day that the Pisces sun and Uranus, which is in Taurus, connect. You’ll be embracing your unique sentiments and desires. Jupiter, which is in Aquarius, links up with the Nodes of Destiny on February 26th, which will add luck to your vibe. The full moon in Virgo occurs on February 27th, adding reason and clarity to your lofty sentiments.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Never one to back down from an argument, you’re finding that the best course of action is to chill out before impulsively blowing up at others. This will help you find a moment of calm before expressing your fiery and often combustible temper into heated conversations. Ice your passions now.


There’s a lot of gossips circulating in your peer group. Unfortunately, they’re rumors about you. Before you go full speed ahead in popping off to them while seeing red, take a step back and breathe. Don’t implode before taking the time to think about how you want to confront your peers.


You’re feeling a little lost at work. Your mind is on overdrive, making you ponder and reflect on the visions you’re moving towards at work. You may decide that you want to change the direction you’re headed towards or slow down the amount of projects you take on to relax.


Taking the high road can be hard to do all the time. When you think that you’re right, it’s hard to see the other side of a situation. The opposite applies as well. Be cognizant of your role in matters and be empathetic as to how you proceed with others.


You’re a proud person. This week isn’t any energetically different from your innate bravado. However, you are learning to temper your passions. This means that you are asserting your feelings to those who need to be in the know about your emotions without imploding your fiery sentiments onto others.


It’s important that you shift the focus from others and focus on yourself. Taking back your power and standing tall will allow you to feel confident and strong. Don’t submit or surrender your energy. Give yourself all the love that you need right now. Don’t give it freely to others.


Your daily routine is inconsistent at the moment. All of this flux is making you feel out of control in your personal world and unable to keep track of matters. Add structure to your schedule. And, most importantly, try to keep your plans. Don’t forget to make them happen IRL.


Your artistry is thriving right now, which means that you’re wanting to put the paintbrush to the canvas and make your visions a reality. With your creativity at an all-time high, you’ll find that you are having fun inspiring, motivating, and watching your dreams come to life through every single brushstroke.


You’re not known to be domestic, but this week, you are inclined to start a cooking project or take classes to pass the time. You may even want to learn how to crochet or knit. These projects and activities will keep you occupied throughout the snowy days coming this week.


The gossip in your life needs to stop ASAP before you spill the tea on a matter that will upset members of your squad. It’s not that you’re trying to create drama with your peers, but the rumors that you’ve heard are just pouring out of your mouth. Play nice.


Implementing boundaries in friendships is super hard for everyone, especially when you have a hard time keeping up with and maintaining the limits that you require from others. Try to be honest with what you want and need. Then, you won’t find yourself in this sensitive predicament with your crew.


Learning to balance out relationships in your life is important. Don’t give your all to your partner or demand a lot of attention. Remember that relationships require to give and take. Finding a middle ground is important because it will keep you both feeling seen and appreciated by the other person.

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