Your HelloGiggles horoscope, February 17th to February 23rd: Go ahead, wear your heart on your sleeve

This week we wrap up the madcap run of Aquarius, that benevolent futurist, and enter the dreamy and romantic world of Pisces on February 18th. Of all the signs in the zodiac, the Fish is the most intuitive, emotional, and empathetic, which means for the next month, you can expect two things to happen: your spidey sense will be activated and you’ll be wearing a big ol’ heart on your sleeve.

Everything is about to become a little more whimsical as we see the world through rose-colored lenses. It’s less about being naive and more about choosing to believe that the world can be a better place. We’re more in tune with our higher selves, and this expansive energy will permeate through our interactions. Expect more compassion, selflessness, and artistic freedom. Then, on the 19th, we have a New Moon in perfectionist Virgo. We’ll be literally cleaning up our act as we focus on bettering ourselves from the inside out.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope.


You’re in the mood to collaborate this week, Aquarius. Which is great because when it comes to making your big vision come true, reaching out to your beautiful community for a helping hand is one of the best things you can do.


As you prepare for your birthday, Pisces, you might find yourself wondering where you’re headed next. While it’s easy to become nostalgic or get caught up in what-ifs, tap into your powerful intuition instead to figure out where you’re most needed.


Don’t let your impulsiveness get the better of your emotions this week, Aries. If you feeling like lashing out, take some space to cool off. Learning to self-contain, in other words knowing you can’t always say what you want to say, is one of your greatest life lessons.


Believe in yourself, Taurus, and keep moving forward. It’s easy for you to take a step back, especially if something is out of your comfort zone, but the stars want you to put your persistent personality to good use this week. You’ve got the goods.


You might feel like you’re moving in mud, Gemini. You’re slowly making progress, but it feels like you’re not going anywhere. Yes, this will drive you bananas. But timing is everything, and learning to be still and patient, despite what you think, is a virtue.


When feeling upset, Cancer, your tendency is to retreat and deal with your feels alone. But reaching out for help—either from the involved party or your squad—will not only bring you clarity but also much-needed solace and support. You need people, too.


You’re tapping into your creativity, Leo. You’ve got big ideas and plans, and you’re excited to make them happen. However, you need to understand that discipline is just as important as dreaming. It might take time, but all good things do.


You’re purging this week, Virgo. Not only the physical stuff from your life, but also your emotions. You’re analyzing which behaviors and patterns work for your greatest good, and which don’t. Be easy on yourself. No one’s perfect, including you, and that’s okay.


You’re struggling to keep the balance in your life, Libra, especially when it comes to your feelings. While you insist on keeping things on an even keel, it’s okay for things to get a little messy. In fact, it’s necessary for growth. You don’t always need to keep it together. Doesn’t that feel better to know?


You’re tapped into your intuition, Scorpio, and it’s vital for you to believe in it no matter what might be said about gut feelings or visions. Trust in yourself. You know what’s best and true for you.


Life is moving at a slower pace than what you’re used to, Sag. While this is enough to drive you bonkers, take this as an opportunity to get more grounded with your intentions. Replace spontaneity with thoughtfulness, and you’ll see why things have worked out the way they have.


Your visions for your life require more sensitivity, Capricorn. Not everything has to be practical or make sense. In fact, the best things in life don’t. Embrace your emotions and where they might take you because you’ll probably end up somewhere better than you thought.

This week is going to feel like a huge wave has washed over us, bbs. Let this wave cleanse you of what is no longer working and help connect you to your feelings and the beauty of this world. Our life is what we make of it. Let us be intentional and good to each other, including ourselves.

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