Your HelloGiggles Horoscopes, December 1st to December 7th: Success might come easily to you this week—here’s why

We had a few planetary shifts going on this week. Neptune just turned direct last week, which caused some illusions to dissipate or appear. And Jupiter is going to enter the sign of Capricorn tomorrow, which is bringing more grounded energy and a greater sense of responsibility and commitment to the long-term collective. 

Let’s take a look at how this will go for each zodiac sign this week. And remember: Take a look at your rising sign as well. 


Expect to fulfill your wishes this week, Aries. But while you have the capacity to create your desires, you also have a tendency to be particularly indulgent. Make sure your sense of optimism and decadence is actually supporting you and not steering you in trouble. You do have great luck this week, so enjoy it and create your future, according to your vision. 


You’re very focused on relationships this week—and perhaps it’s because some harsh truths had to be told. Because of this, your energy is fixated on mending your heart and recovering from difficult conversations. If you want to say your piece, don’t be too hurtful and speak your truth with kindness.


You’re undergoing a phase of transformation this week, which tends to come with a little bit of pain. Good new is, it’s not mandatory. Focus on what you want to bring with you and what you want to leave behind into this new phase of your life. And because you’re also having an introspective week, you’ll be able to reflect on what does (and doesn’t) bring you joy. 


Your confidence is skyrocketing this week. Now is a good time to dress up, go shopping, or simply do activities that’ll fuel you with confidence and energy. You’re here to shine this week, whether it’s in your relationships or your professional life. Either way, your energy is yummy and others want to be surrounded by it, too.


You’re very tactician this week, Leo. You’re thinking about the best way to go about things—perhaps professionally—and your energy is very cautious, quiet, future-oriented. Due to your eye for detail this week, you can carry complicated plans to the end. It’s a good time to plan your next steps with caution, intelligence, to achieve your long-term vision.


You’re feeling a little victorious this week. Perhaps you won a battle, an argument, a competition, or successfully completed a project you deeply cared about. In any case, this week shows there will be a lot of communication, lots of mental activity, and possibly some documents/contracts being signed—which might be the source of your victorious feeling.


You’re feeling suspended in time, Libra. There’s a sense of having to pause, taking yourself off the game, or seeing things from an entirely different perspective. This week, a lot of your energy is heart-based, and you’re trying to get more clarity in regards to your emotional needs, spiritual needs, and security needs. And the best way to find clarity? By taking a timeout and seeking new perspectives.


You’re in for a fight this week, Scorpio. Your energy is very strong, and you could be feeling down to take on anyone who stands in your way. Do be careful of winning a fight just for the sake of it—is the fight worth making an enemy just for the sake of winning? With that in mind, you do have a ton of energy to pursue your goals, and you’re likely to be successful in whatever you decide to do this week. 


This is a very passionate week for you, Sagittarius; however, you could be feeling bound by your own joy. Perhaps you’re feeling like you’ve flown too close to the sun, or that you’re becoming addicted to things which were once healthy for you. Be careful of excessive pleasures this week and try not to overindulge. Pay attention to when you feel like you can’t get enough of something—this is a sign you could be facing an addictive pattern.   


Jupiter is going to enter your sign tomorrow, and you’re going to feel an influx of positive and bold energy. You’re looking ahead, ready to take on the world and collect the rewards for your bold choices. Your energy is very ambitious and idealistic, and quite frankly, you may feel successful. As long as you focus on cultivating confidence in yourself, the world is your oyster.


Going on a trip this week? If not, you might want to consider it. In all seriousness, this week is about embarking on a journey, whether it’s practical, intellectual, or spiritual. Now is a good time to focus on defining your wants and needs, goals and dreams. You have the capacity to make these ideas come true—this week is the spark to your fire.


This week is divinely guided for you, Pisces. You’re coming into some wonderful blessings, as long as you focus on flowing and not resisting, grasping, or spinning your wheels. You’ll find bliss and success without excessive effort. Now is a time to close a chapter for you, so you can find a sense of completion and momentum.  

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