Your Weekly Horoscope, December 6th to 12th: A Mountain of Strength Will Stop You From Dwelling the Past

Plus, an emotionally draining day will happen on the 9th.

This weekly horoscope urges you to live in the moment and not dwell on the past. The Sagittarius sun squares off with elusive Neptune, which is in Pisces, on December 9th. This will prove to be an emotionally draining day for you. Venus, which is in Scorpio, connects with Pluto, which is in Capricorn, on the 10th giving you the drive to work through romantic issues.

The sun aligns with the South Node of Destiny while it aspects Mars, which is in Aries, on December 11th, giving you the strength to let go of the past. The following day, Mars connects with the North Node of Destiny, pushing you to embrace your present circumstances with love.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Don’t rush into assumptions this week. Make sure you have all of the facts you need before you make decisions and confront others. You may find that half of what you think isn’t true and regret your impetuous choices. Words of wisdom: Double-check information and gossip before you believe it.


Committing to a new financial plan will prove to be challenging, as you are wanting to give yourself luxurious presents this holiday season. You do not have to overspend to lavish yourself. Sales are your friend. They will help you save a few dollars while treating yourself to haute items.


You are holding onto friendships that are past their expiration dates. While it’s hard to let go of people who you care about, you may find it necessary to make space in the relationship with them. This will help you decide how you want to proceed with these relationships.


Stop putting the weight of the world on your shoulders. Let yourself relax and unwind this week, without feeling responsible for the actions and happiness of others. When you start helping yourself more and them less, you will be able to better your own personal situation without a hitch.


An old flame is trying to make their way back into your good graces. The caveat is that your current crush or S.O. isn’t super keen on your somewhat flirty “friendship.” Try creating boundaries with your former partner to ensure your past doesn’t interfere too much with your present situationship.


Internal shifts are happening right now, pushing you to change the direction of your career. It’s not that you want to leave your given profession, but you are focusing on finding a role that suits your current beliefs. Meditate on what you want and the universe will make it happen.


It’s not that you’re a gossiper per say, but you are sharing secrets that your friends are telling you with other peeps who they don’t know IRL. The issue isn’t that they’ll find out about your loose lips, it’s more about whether it’s a good idea to discuss other people’s business.


Instead of spending your money on impulsive indulgences, try saving a few extra dollars. The “rainy day” your parents warned you about is coming and you’ll need to have extra cash on hand to use freely. Keep tabs on your wallet and bank account to ensure you stay on budget.


Your confidence and ability to take on the world may be suffering a little more than usual this week. Take some time out of your schedule and practice positive affirmations while looking in the mirror. You’ll get your pep in your step back by doing this activity daily.


You’re applying your energy solely to yourself this week. Instead of worrying about what others are doing and involving yourself in their drama, you’ll be resting in bed and watching TV shows on Netflix. Life will be easy and breezy if you only take care of your own personal needs.


Your squad isn’t too fond of your partner, which is creating tensions in all of these relationships. Before you take sides, try having a Zoom mediation to bring them closer together. Hopefully, they will find some common interests and bond on things that are outside of your relationship with all of them.


Major changes at work are pushing you to take a big professional step back. Rather than worrying about the future of your job, use this week’s energy to your advantage. Take time this week to think about the next direction of your career to ensure your professional dreams come true.

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