Your HelloGiggles horoscope, December 23rd to December 29th: Dive head-first into the spirit of the season

We’re in the full swing of the holiday spirit this week. Coming off of an emotional Cancer full moon on the 22nd, we’re ready to embrace the upcoming days with a newfound sentimentality in our hearts. We’re feeling feels, including waves of nostalgia, which will nudge us toward a walk down memory lane. But we won’t stay here for too long. Christmas arrives with the moon in fun and ferocious Leo, and we’ll be ready to lighten up and enjoy ourselves. Embrace the royal energy of the lioness and pamper yourself this holiday season. While we might be experiencing Capricorn’s ambitious energy, don’t forget to let your hair down and belt out the lyrics to NSYNC’s “Happy Holidays.” This time of year only happens once, so don’t forget to treat yo’self.

Of course, in true Leo fashion, you can expect some drama around this time, which is normal considering we’re hanging out with our families. So try to detach as much as you can from the theatrics, grab a cup of eggnog, and chillax. If ever there was a week to lay low, this would be it.


This is your time, Capricorn. So enjoy it! While you’re busy with planning your New Year and working on projects and ideas, the Universe wants you to lighten up. Soften and let the light in. There is magic around you. Give up the strife, and let the love flow to you.


It’s time to get specific on the details of what you want to achieve, Aquarius. Being general will only confuse you. Once you decide on what you really, really want, then you’re closer to receiving it. Swap achieving with allowing, and things will get easier.


You’re so great at making people feel good, Pisces, but don’t forget that you need to receive TLC just as much as anyone else. Don’t be afraid to voice your needs. And if you need alone time to recharge your batteries, then take it.


You might be asked to stand up when it comes to family issues and obligations, Aries. Luckily you have the strength and confidence to do so. Rally your troops and take charge. Your loved ones will appreciate you for picking up the slack.


Solitude might sound really good to you right now, Taurus. While you should always be true to yourself, don’t let your loner tendencies stop you from letting the love in. You are deeply loved and your tribe enjoys you for you. Don’t forget that.


You’re feeling pulled in a million different directions, Gemini. You normally thrive on change, but even you can feel overwhelmed with different types of energy. Focus on being grounded. If you need time to meditate or read a book, do that.


Gratitude is the attitude of the season, Cancer. There might be some trials and tribulations that run the risk of shaking you up, but remembering to appreciate what you do have rather than what you don’t will make all the difference.


Your mood has lifted, Leo, and now you’re back to your old self again. You thrive when you’re around the people who you trust and love the most, so make the time to catch up with your loved ones. Be the light and you’ll infuse both yourself and your squad with #goodvibes.


You feel most in your power when you’re accomplished and when you’re serving others, Virgo. So if you’re feeling out of alignment this week, return to those values. Be of service. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or take charge of the holiday dinner plans. You’ll feel better immediately.


Don’t be afraid to step up, Libra. You possess the social grace and the impartiality to soothe others and get the job done. When people come to you to help smooth over a situation, see this as your chance to shine. You got this.


You’re feeling more responsible and empowered than you have in months, Scorpio. Use this positive energy to take charge of your life, including taking care of the little details. You’re doing better than you think you are, so don’t be afraid to level up.


Being here in the now can feel so liberating, Sagittarius, if you let it. While it might be easy for you to get lost in dreams for the future, being present is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and those around you.

During this time of year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in emotional highs and lows, bbs. But it’s important to remember that there’s a reason for every season. Enjoy the moment for what it is, and know there’s more abundance around the corner. Allow it to happen by having fun right now.

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