Your HelloGiggles horoscope, December 2nd to December 8th: We’re sharper and more passionate than ever

This week is a symbolic way to to kick off the last month of the year, as well as the busy holiday season. It’s kind of like everything we’ve gone through over the last 11 months (and we’ve gone through a lot, thanks to #theyearofretrogrades) has led up to this moment.

First, Venus enters Scorpio on December 2nd, where it will stay until early January. As a result, our relationships are going to get deep and intimate: basically, real AF—but in a beautiful “I want to connect with your mind, body, and soul” type way. We’re done with “cuffing” and we’re more about connecting.

Speaking of connecting, Mercury goes direct in Scorpio on December 6th, which means we can finally put those annoying communication mishaps and tech hold-ups behind us. However, since the little planet is hanging out in Scorpio, you can expect interactions to be direct, heavy, and substantial (until it shifts into Sagittarius on the 12th). We might be watching fluffy Hallmark Christmas specials on repeat, but our real life is anything but. We’re sharper and more passionate than ever; subtlety and settling just won’t do.

Then on December 7th, a magical New Moon in Sagittarius means we can use Jupiter’s lucky energy to speed up any divine intentions we might have for this month or for the New Year. So start thinking of what you want to create, because it might just end up coming true. Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope.


Do you know what it means to have a New Moon occurring in your sign during your birthday month, Sag? It means the world is your oyster. If there was ever a time to take that risk you’ve been dreaming about, it’s now. The cosmos support your wish; you just have to take the first step.


Things are moving and grooving for you now, Capricorn. On a professional level, you’re figuring out how to best serve others through your work. You’re thinking more benevolence than bling. On a personal level, you’re feeling more frisky and flirty. Use that energy wisely, and have fun.


You’re feeling more confident than ever, Aquarius, and you’re finally discovering that your biggest strength in life is…you. Your unique brain and perspective are something to be celebrated, not shunned. So whatever it is you need to say, say it loud and proud. You got this.


You’re a dreamer, Pisces, but lately you’re dreaming bigger dreams than you’ve ever dreamed before. Don’t be afraid to conjure up the most magical goals, because you’re being given the opportunity to make them come true. Remain focused and the sky is the limit.


You’re so ready for 2018 to be over, Aries. And with the New Moon inspiring you to make major moves for the rest of the year, you can definitely make 2019 the year of your dreams. Listen to your gut and take that next big step. The Universe has got your back.


You’ve got love on the brain, Taurus. You’ve experienced huge upheavals in your relationships over the last couple of months, and the game has clearly changed when it comes to how you approach love. Use the lessons you’ve learned and go get some.


You’re feeling more supported than ever, Gemini. You’re discovering the joys of collaboration and companionship, and it’s making a world of difference in your life. Don’t let your ego interfere with this. It’s okay to lean on others or ask for help. Teamwork will continue to open more doors for you.


You finally have more clarity about a particular relationship this week, Cancer. This newfound clarity will give you that peace you need in order to move forward. Whether it’s letting go or choosing to be together, whatever you decide will be for the greatest good. Trust.


You’re back in the zone, Leo. You’re feeling yourself this week and it feels, well, good. Use this positive energy to help fuel creative projects that you previously doubted, as well as relationships you’ve put on the back burner. And don’t forget to make a huge wish on the New Moon because you definitely have some good juju going on.


You’re searching for where you truly belong, Virgo. Maybe that’s a literal move or it could mean a new job or relationship. You’re feeling the itch because you know there is more for you to accomplish, do, and be. Take a moment to breathe and get clear. It’s all coming together. You don’t have to try that hard.


You’re making big strides right now, Libra, thanks in part to your innate ability to connect with others. Which means if there’s a networking event or an out-of-blue opportunity that could elevate your career, don’t hesitate to go for it. People dig you because you get them like no one else can—remember that.


You’re finally reaping some major rewards this week, Scorpio. Whether it be in your professional or personal life, the Universe is serving up some good stuff. Where there was doubt, there’s faith. Where there was lack, there’s abundance. Keep focusing on the good, and there will be more good.

Getting honest and intimate with ourselves this week could lead to major changes and breakthroughs that last into 2019, bbs. Don’t be afraid to dream big and embody the reality/person you want to be—this is our time.

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