Your HelloGiggles horoscope, December 16th to December 22nd: Embrace determination and ambition

We can thank the happy-go-lucky energy of Sagittarius for the fun we’ve had over the last few weeks. However, this week we’re bidding adieu to the spontaneous and optimistic archer and saying hello to the practical and organized Sea Goat as we head into Capricorn territory on December 21st. Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, now’s the time to embrace the determined and ambitious nature of our hardworking friend, who reminds us that there are mountains to climb and goals to attain in the New Year.

On December 22nd, there’s also a Full Moon in Cancer. Maternal Cancer is the astrological opposite to paternal Capricorn. During this time, we will feel a need to nourish ourselves and create a stable foundation, as well as tend to our relationships, while we balance the high emotions of the Crab with the stalwartness of the Sea Goat.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope:


Now is the time to get your ducks in a row, Sag. If you need to sign any documents or contracts, renew your passport, or cash in some air miles, do it. Practicality is your friend. It will lead you where you want to go.


As we head into your birthday month, Capricorn, you’re balancing a mix of tasks and emotions. You have a long to-do list, but you’re also feeling feels for a new connection. Remember: you don’t have to choose—you can have and do both.


You’re getting ready to rid your life of unnecessary clutter, Aquarius. What in your world is draining your energy? Where do you feel blocked? Purging your life means more than cleaning your closet. Look at your habits and patterns, too.


Just as your professional life seems more stable, Pisces, your personal life seems to be floundering. As difficult as it is for you, try to lead with your head over your heart this time. Use your newfound confidence and you’ll see that things are working out for the best.


It’s time to make a decision about your life, Aries. You’ve been experimenting with different options, and now is the time to choose. Clarity always beats confusion. You can’t have it all, but why would you want to? One solid choice can be life-changing.


You’re concerned with your professional life, Taurus, which is kind of sucking the fun out of the holiday season. While balance is tricky, you might want to give it a try. Do what you need to do at work, but also make time for some fun. It’ll be the stress reliever you need.


You’ve been itching to move forward with one area of your life, Gemini, and it’s kinda stressing you out. You don’t like not knowing the answers, which explains your hesitancy and confusion. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. It’ll free your energy up and help with what you need.


The world is your oyster, Cancer, but you’re too stuck in certain patterns, including the remnants of the past, to see it. As we head into the New Year, now’s a good time to think of new things you can experience. Dream big, because your 2019 deserves it.


This is your week to let go, Leo. Let go of old anxieties and wounds that are holding you back. You’ve been on the road to success lately, and you’re so close to getting where you’ve always dreamed of going. Healing helps you get there.


You need community, too, Virgo. While you love your alone time, not to mention your career, you also need connection. Reach out to your squad, visit family, or try a new group activity. Connecting with others will feed your soul.


You’re clearing the path for something new to enter your life, Libra. Whether it’s quitting your job, leaving a toxic relationship, or moving homes, know that whichever transition you’re in the midst of is the best choice for you. No regrets.


You’re looking at advancement, Scorpio. Maybe it’s taking a class or getting a certification; it might even mean taking a relationship to the next level. Whatever it is, trust that change is good for you. Even if you feel scared, proceed. The Universe is on your side.

Take the time to review your year, and see how you can revise it for 2019. Committing to action and decisions will go a long way moving forward, bbs.

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