Your Weekly Horoscope, August 8th to 14th: A Mountain of Fresh Perspective Is Heading Your Way

It's time to evolve into who you're supposed to become.

The weekly horoscope for change is upon us! August 8th new moon in Leo forces you to evolve—even if you aren’t ready. Venus, which is in Virgo, and Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, connect on August 9th and add emotions together.

Mercury, which is in Leo, opposes Jupiter, which is retrograde in Aquarius, on August 10th. This will bring you clarity and offer a fresh perspective. Mercury enters Virgo on August 11th, making communication clear and direct. Venus connects with Pluto, which is in Capricorn, on August 11th, adding passion to romance. The same day, Mars, which is in Virgo, squares off with the Nodes of Destiny, creating pressure on how you let out your emotions.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Romance feels extra magical this week. Be on the lookout for a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger or the deepening of a current relationship. It’s likely that your partner will open up and share a new side of themselves with you, bringing you two closer together than ever before.


You may have a strong urge to play the host this week. Your “do best” Aries attitude will make organizing a get-together for friends or loved ones into a fun event for all. Watch out for an overzealous friend who wants to steal your thunder. Use your energetic can-do outlook to take back your power and stand proud amongst your peers.


Spending money freely scares you this week because you’re concerned about your savings drying up. While you are geared to spend money on minor personal indulgences, don’t go overboard. It is ill-advised to give to others unless you can handle the financial loss. Only give and receive without any strings attached.


While your natural sense of well-being may be dependent on your material wealth this week, it’s time to open yourself up to a higher plane, focusing on intellectual and spiritual endeavors. Reading new books about harmonizing your energies that opens your mind will allow you to see the broader scope of life’s possibilities.


While you normally go over the top in declarations of love, this week it’s best to keep it simple. Have your beau over for an intimate meal and spend the bulk of the evening keeping each other warm under the blanket—tame your inner wild lion with a good cuddle session with your sweetheart.


Your emotions will be running high this week. You may feel as though you are having an existential crisis of sorts. Take some time to get back in touch with your desires and your needs. It’s okay to pull back a bit, for now. Pampering yourself is recommended to keep connected to your emotions.


Confrontation may be a challenge for you, as you are often balance-minded. Don’t be afraid to be direct with others this week. Your sweet charm will save you from unnecessary arguments. Remember, life is one big balancing act. And, you, dear Libra, are certainly the ringmaster in balancing different personalities.


Worried about getting a return on the fruits of your labor? This week you may have challenges around feeling recognized by your business associates, leaving you feeling sensitive and needing to retreat. Try to take a breather when you feel your temperature rising. Focus on matters that you can fix immediately.


Your bank account may have recently taken an unexpected hit, leaving you scratching your head trying to find out where your money went and preoccupied with finding inventive ways to make money. Time to get thrifty this week and plan out your budget carefully. Spend within your budget and purchase sale items.


Anxieties around money may reach a high this week. You may feel controlled monetarily by others or stuck where you are, unable to live the life you crave and desire, and cannot reward yourself for working hard. This is just a moment in time, it too shall pass. Pretty soon you will be back to your regular fiscal highs.


Don’t let your friends judge your love affair. This week, you may find your friends are too gossipy regarding your romance and cutting your partner down to size. Try to stay cool and collected as you defend your dreamy partner. Don’t take sides. Don’t let their comments get in your head.


Commit to a new passion project this week, but keep it to yourself so that you can properly swim in it and enjoy your dreamy nature in the present. It doesn’t have to be something saucy! Learning to cook a new dish that requires time and focus will help occupy your hands and mind, setting you free from concerning yourself with outside chatter.