Your HelloGiggles horoscope, August 18th to 24th: A reality check is coming your way

Are you ready to kiss summer goodbye? The sun might still be shining bright where you live, but this week marks a strong transition between the bold, great, and warm Leo season to a much humbler and more modest energy: Virgo.

Don’t despair—we are not losing out on adventures, because the planets remain largely focused on love and passion. But now we’re getting a healthy dose of realism: we practice love with reason, we’re more grounded, and we let some of our fantasies go in order to find or cultivate a companionship that’s anchored in our day-to-day activities and schedules.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign if you know it, too.


What Virgo energy? Aries, you’re still bathing in these Leo vibes and you refuse to let them go. Your energy is still very much vibrant, playful, and about filling your own cup. Perhaps do so with more discernment this week.


Taurus, this energy is quite marvelous for you this week. You feel creative and romantic—dare I say even ready to take a chance? The mid-week shift in Virgo is highly welcome for you and you find yourself much more keen on being out and about and meeting up with friends—and also potential love interests.


No one can get you out of the house, Gemini, so it’s a good time to take care of your home base and housing questions. You might be in the mood for “nesting”–time to spring clean and spend some time with your loved and trusted ones. But at this time, the more alone time you spend focusing on yourself, the more you’ll be able to build later on in the fall.


The mid-week shift in Virgo is a very welcome breeze of air for you, Cancer. After a summer spent building your finances, your sense of security, and your worthiness, you’re now slowly starting to shift into much more flexible and adaptable moods. This week is about flowing. It’s a good time to journal, start yoga, go running, and go dancing. Overall, it’s a time to focus on reopening your mind to flexibility and change. It’s also a good time to chat people up, express yourself, and voice your truth.


Leo, your season is over. But don’t despair—Mercury is still in your sign and offers a great deal of communication and stimulation. You’ll find yourself increasingly focused on the material plane and perhaps will realize that you spent more than you could afford. It’s a good time to do some accounting, revise your spending, and focus on adopting a more modest approach to shopping.


You have been up in the air for some time, Virgo, perhaps isolated or reflective. The energy is shifting for you this week and you will find yourself with an increasingly high amount of it. Your confidence and assertiveness are skyrocketing, and now is a time to say “yes” or “no” to what you want and don’t want. No more people-pleasing and no more people-fixing; this week is about you and you only.


Look at you, you social butterfly. Nothing stops you this week, Libra; a stranger is only a friend you haven’t met yet. It’s also a week during which you reap the rewards of all the efforts you’ve put in at work. Anything social media/publishing related is well-advised. However, you’re also advised to become more discerning about the people you surround yourself with. The more the merrier is not necessarily a true adage this week.


Work, work, work, work. You are unstoppable this week, and Monday in particular might be a day of blessings and recognition. Whatever you’ve set your sight on this week, you’re aiming for the top and you’re probably getting there. Perhaps, after a time focused on performing, now is the time to focus more on the small details you might have missed.


As much as the Virgo energy is not something you’re particularly comfortable with (how boring is it to actually look at the details of what you’re doing?) it is a very valuable energy for you this week. You have the opportunity to achieve the perfect balance between your grandiose ideas and spontaneous plans, and a more careful and discerning approach to life. It’s a good time to question the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding onto.


Time to turn into a butterfly, Capricorn. The energy is very much cathartic for you this week and the inner growth you’re called to do is done with ease and fluidity. It’s a good time to ask yourself, “What are the things I want to change and do, but that I postpone out of fear?” No more chickening out this week, as you’re called to do the thing you are scared of doing.


The energy requires flexibility and adjustment on your part this week, Aquarius. You’re pulled in different directions and none of them really suit you. Your only positive support this week is work. Focus your energy on career and your professional growth, because perhaps, as much as relationships are on your mind right now, it seems like it won’t really work out the way you want it to. Your energy will be a bit wasted on making so much effort unless you can be more flexible in your attitudes and expectations.


Spiritual maintenance, Pisces. This week is putting the nail in the coffin on the health and wellness cure you’ve been on for the last couple weeks. The energy is about retrieving your balance, accepting yourself more, and being kinder to yourself. Your focus should be on body, mind, and spirit. Work on aligning yourself as much as possible and reaching your highest qualities: forgiveness, compassion, and kindness.

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