Your Weekly Horoscope August 15th to 21st: An Avalanche of Anxiety Will Rock Your Week

You can thank Mercury and Mars for this.

Prepare yourself to rock and roll for this weekly horoscope! Mercury, which is in Virgo, squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on August 15th. Anxieties will be high and come to a head on August 18th, when Mercury and Mars align.

On August 20th, Mercury and Uranus, which will be retrograde in Taurus, hone down the drama when they connect. Venus enters Libra on August 16th, adding balance and gentleness to your heart. The Leo sun opposes Jupiter, which is retrograde in Aquarius, boosting your ego on August 19th. Uranus retrograde commences on August 19th and lasts until January 18th, 2022. You can expect to see global changes coming to action, all of which will set the tone for the future.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Please read your rising sign below.


Instead of confronting others, try to use your power to understand their motivations. Taking a momentary cool down when you get all fired up will help you solve the root of issues. Also, avoid the drama that often follows when your temper begins to flare up and impulsivity takes control.


Unpredictable expenses may pop up this week, causing your bank account to take an unexpected hit. Luckily, you can use your earthy, reliable sentiments and energy to manifest more money over the next several days (or ask a close pal to borrow cash) to ensure that you financially break even.


Investing in a risky venture this week could prove beneficial and lucrative in the future. Make sure you use your inquisitive mind to understand the risks and gains in order to make sure it’s the right investment for you. Doing so gives you the opportunity to understand the venture better.


You’re feeling extra crabby this week because others are lashing out at you. Being that you’re a psychic sponge by nature, try not to absorb their negativity and projections. Focus on yourself and your happiness. Don’t let their energy bring you down. Remember that these are their issues, not yours.


This weekly horoscope adds gas to your relationship, by pushing it forward and making your current relationship status public with all of your friends. Post a few photos on social media to let your relationship status be known and admired. You know, to show off a little to your social sphere.


Although you may not feel like you’re changing the world, you are in your own way. Spread the word about a charitable organization you’ve been vibing with and ask your squad for their support. You will be able to create noise on the matter and help them get their funding.


This week is high tide for your bank account, which inspires a friend to ask for a loan. While you may desperately want to help out, they may be leading you astray with their intentions. Don’t be afraid to say “no” if your intuition is urging you to do so.


Strife may occur within a romantic relationship this week. If your boundaries have been crossed, let that be known. If your feelings are hurt, speak up for yourself. Boundaries are set in place for good reason. Don’t forget that a clear explanation and apology are totally necessary to move forward.


As you’re making decisions on how to move forward with those who’ve recently let your down emotionally. You are not the sum of the stories you and others tell about yourself — you’re more. Defend yourself when you feel it’s necessary, but also let the negativity go and move on.


You’ve spent a lot of time exploring the meaning of value and power, and how you interact with those concepts in your life. Take time to acknowledge all of the work you’ve done in this arena. This story will begin to settle down. Be thankful for all you have learned.


At this time, you may begin to internalize the drama of the past week, allowing its effects to sink into your psyche for review. Be sure to have some alone time and plenty of rest as you recalibrate yourself. Relief is on its way. Give yourself an emotional break now.


You’ll find yourself daydreaming and thinking of plans for the future. By engaging in active dreaming about what new experiences you want to embark on, you’re working on integrating intentions into your life. Don’t be scared to make them a reality. Anything is possible if you want it. You got this!