Your HelloGiggles horoscope, April 7th to April 13th: Deep soul-searching is on the menu

This week will be quite an interesting one. We are simultaneously deeply anchored in dreams and bliss, while also hyperaware of our responsibilities and limitations. We’re still very much bathing in romance, though, and being tasked with comparing reality and our dreams, a theme that was initiated last week with the new moon in Aries.

The stars are asking us to plunge into unconditional love, unconditional self-love, too, but also to be super realistic: What are the obstacles in our way? What are we going to do about them? Are we going to give up or give it a good fight? The end of the week will trigger a lot of soul-searching and revelations about our darkest shadows—it’s most definitely a transformative week during which tough truths will be told.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for your weekly horoscope.


This is a bit of a confusing week for you, Aries, as you’re truly searching in the deepest parts of your soul. It’s a week during which you should focus on your creativity, your imagination, and your dreams—actual or symbolic. Now is a good time to listen to music, journal, meditate, or start a yoga class. It’s a week focused on self-improvement and self-knowledge.


This week is all about being out and about once again, Taurus. You’re feeling more social than usual and more keen on building relationships with people, online or IRL. It’s a good time to develop your artistic skills.


Gemini, things have been a bit confusing for you lately. Your mind and heart can feel like they are constantly battling with each other, and it has been a journey for you during these last weeks to learn how to reconcile both. You have a lot of energy, though, and you can actively seek to accomplish goals and tasks. It’s a good time to get a lot of work done.


Cancer, it’s been all about work lately, but you might feel like there are a lot of limitations on your path that seem to frustrate or delay you. You’re at a critical time for your personal development and career, so keep pushing through.


This week is a bit uncomfortable for you, Leo, but highly rewarding. You’re being asked to do deep psychological work, and as you’re working hard at shifting your mindset and perception, you’re discovering a lot of things about yourself. Get really intimate with your loved ones and with yourself.


A lot of relationship energy going on for you this week, Virgo. Spend time reflecting on boundaries, on how much of yourself you give to others, and how you can perhaps lose your sense of identity by having too-loose boundaries. It’s also a very love-oriented time for you.


Relationships are in focus for you, Libra, and you’re trying to find not only your balance, but also a sense of peace, routine, and organization. You’re testing out how to find a sense of health and peacefulness while deeply exploring your relationships. It’s likely you’ve been feeling imbalanced in the past weeks, and this week is all about finding your center. It’s a very emotionally healing time for you.


Scorpio, this week is all about feeding your soul and what brings you joy, à la Marie Kondo. Throw away everything that doesn’t spark joy. It could be a time of great romance for you—relationships are highlighted, so let your guard down temporarily for a bit of bliss.


A very mentally restless week for you, Sagittarius. You have a lot of energy to dedicate to your goals, but you may also feel like your mind isn’t as clear as it usually is. Nurture yourself, especially mentally. Pay attention to your thoughts.


This week is very work-oriented for you, Capricorn (when isn’t it, really). It’s a good time for you to get really serious with money goals. You can be more visionary and imaginative than usual—let go of the rational thinking for once and let your softer side prevail.


This week is about you, you, you, and you, Aquarius. You’re really focusing on yourself, on improving yourself, and on connecting to your inner world. It’s a time of deep reflection for you, and you’re being called to pay attention to your emotions, to the sensations in your body. This week you might be more introverted than usual, so focus on a good ol’ self-care routine.


You’re all about understanding yourself and navigating yourself lately, Pisces, and this week is a really good time to focus on self-love, unconditional love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness. Your heart is wide open, and you can actually get a lot of your desires accomplished if you focus on connecting to your heart.

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