Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope, April 5th to April 11th: New insights will motivate change and action

This week brings truths to light, which will motivate and inspire you to evolve. This is a time when you may question your role and how you can help in these turbulent times—but don’t despair. You will begin to take action and help those in need without hesitation. You’ll find your niche in helping out your friends, family, and neighbors. You can thrive on kindness. It’s time to choose love.

The super pink full moon in Libra will occur on April 7th, exposing truths that have been hidden within partnerships. Earlier on the same day, Mercury will softly connect with Jupiter and Pluto, adding certainty and verity to your decisions. Plus, Mars and Saturn will also square off on the 7th, adding frustrations to your emotions (if you allow yourself to not make decisions).

On the 11th, Mercury leaves dreamy Pisces and enters assertive Aries, which will inspire us with talks of innovative ideas. Then, later in the day, Mercury and Saturn will link up in the cosmos, teaching us methodical ways to bring change to the world.

Let’s take a look at your weekly horoscope. Also, make sure to take a look at your rising sign as well, if you know it.


In the past, you’ve only focused your energies on yourself—but now you’re seeing life through a humanitarian lens. Help those in need during these hard times, if you can. You don’t have to give money—you can volunteer your time by reading books to children via Zoom.


Your crew and family are realizing that you are the only one who can be counted on. You offer inspiring words to those in need and kindness whenever you can—no matter what mood you’re in. You totally deserve two stars for your sweet efforts and awesomeness!


Before responding to a tweet with anger, allow yourself to take a deep breath. Don’t allow your frustrations to get the better of you. You will see that you can’t fight fire with fire, especially on the Twittersphere. Words have power. Choose and use yours wisely. Think before tweeting recklessly!


Haven’t you learned not to fight against progress? Don’t deny yourself—and others—transformation. Times are a-changing. Run towards evolution. Roll with newness and embrace inventive ideas, instead of brushing them under the carpet. Open your eyes and mind to the power of the present. Accept fresh and revolutionary ideas.


This week will make you feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster with sharp dips and turns. Friendships will become erratic, as you’re all projecting your anxieties onto each other. To avoid conflicts, take a moment to breathe before responding to your besties. Finding the right words will save you from drama.


Awaken your imagination with a passion project you’ve put on the back burner. You will come to see that you still have the momentum and drive to aspire to what you started to manifest in the past. Who knows? Maybe this time you can finish the task at hand.


Hey, what about you?! It’s time you start focusing on your needs, rather than giving all of your energy to others. Rebrand and restrategize your goals in order to be successful in all of your endeavors. Allow yourself to shoot and reach for the stars. You deserve it, after all.


Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Everyone needs a hand up sometimes and your social circle is more than willing to help you in any way possible. Stepping out of your comfort zone and admitting that you need assistance may be hard, but it’s necessary now. Don’t be a martyr!


Feeling caged-in or bored from self-isolating? Don’t despair, dear archer! You can spread your wings and fly towards freedom by having an intellectual debate or playing a virtual game of chess with friends and family. Your mind will expand beyond the boxed-in constraints you’re experiencing in no time.


You’re in the spotlight right now. Many people are looking to you for inspiration and leadership. This is one of those weeks that can define your professional abilities and secure your status. Think carefully about how you want to proceed. The world is watching and waiting to applaud your courage.


You’re getting pretty restless from being in self-quarantine. Rather than creating unnecessary drama with your friends, reach out to your crew to let them know how much you care. Or, create funny TikTok videos to share with your squad on social media. Use your energy wisely and to your advantage.


Times are tense, but you’re feeling snug as a bug at home. Creating a safe space in your house where you can escape the current global issues will prove to ease your anxieties. Don’t stress! Take a bath to decompress and melt away your worries with or without your boo.

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