Your HelloGiggles horoscope, April 28th to May 4th: We’re finally stepping into some new energy

Do you feel like you’re waking up from a month-long dream? That’s to be expected—we’re awakening to a new season and stepping into a new energy. A lot of healing has been going on for everyone these last six weeks, and we’re now ready to take action and move forward. There’s an abundance of passionate, dynamic energy swirling around us.

Lots of energy will be directed toward relationships this week, but we’re also focusing on personal goals and work—finally.

Let’s review your weekly horoscope, and be sure to check your rising sign if you know it.


It’s been a ride! You are being challenged to rise up to face several obstacles in your life, but this week you’re experiencing a bit of bliss as you feel more love in your life. You are focused on bettering yourself and being a better partner, to others and to yourself.


Taurus, have you been hiding? If so, good—now is the time to ask yourself a lot of questions that are soulful: what’s your purpose, what’s love, do you truly know yourself, what makes you happy? It’s hard to answer those questions when there is so much noise around. Find time to be by yourself.


So much going on this week, Gemini. Your energy is even more scattered than usual, you’re buzzing—but you can get a lot of things done. Now is a good time to make connections, network, meet people, and expand your interests.


This is a highly energetic time for you, though it might be a bit uncomfortable. Saturn turning retrograde will give you a bit of relief, and whatever event or person enters your life right now is highly karmic. Look for the lessons these events and people are teaching you.


You are glowing, Leo. This is a very valuable time for you professionally because you’re able to display your best qualities in your work. Relationships are rather passionate and highlighted too for you at this time—just don’t fly too close to the sun with all of this fiery energy.


You have been transforming and growing so much, Virgo. Do your friends even recognize you? You’ve passed through difficult times, and you’re now reaping the rewards of your hard work. Enjoy it, keep up the good work, keep being authentic with yourself, and you’ll find abundance.


Relationships, always and always, Libra, are still very much highlighted this week. People you are in relationships with are acting as mirrors for you to see yourself. By now you should have discovered a lot of hidden truths about yourself, and you might be reclaiming your time and your energy. It’s a good time to reflect on boundaries and self-love.


Scorpio, you can expect new beginnings in relationships, but not only romantic ones—business ones, too. It’s a very good time for you professionally. Keep on giving, focus on how you can help people around you, and you shall receive in return.


Now is a time of looking inwards. You are at a moment where you are understanding a lot of things about yourself—perhaps through your relationships with others, perhaps through your relationships with your family. But what’s for sure is that you’re focusing on your emotional world, on your roots, on understanding the roots of your emotions. It’s inner growth—water your soul!


You are buzzing around this week, a lot of communication going on for you, a lot of intellectual activity. It could be a good idea to do some grounding activities—try yoga, Pilates, journaling, meditation. You have a lot of thoughts, and this is a good time for you to understand a lot about your environment, yourself, and your life. But it’s also important to harness this excessive intellectual energy by grounding yourself.


This week is pretty spiritual for you. It’s a time of debating what you actually value, what you feel like committing to and devoting your energy to. Whether it’s work, relationships, or spirituality, now is a good time to ask yourself these questions. It’s also a good time to just have some fun, let loose, and discover new hobbies.


Pisces, the energy can feel a tad overwhelming for you right now. You are still processing a lot of what happened in the last six weeks, and you might still be holding on to a bit of anger. Now is a good time to let it all out, air things out, assert your desires, your anger, your pain, and your emotions. Don’t keep it to yourself—express yourself.

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