Your HelloGiggles horoscope, April 21st to April 27th: Hustle energy is in the air

The fire is officially lit! This week there is a lot of passion and dynamism in the air, so if you’ve been feeling sluggish, now is your time to shine. The energy is picking up, and we’re so much more self-motivated and passionate.

You’ll find yourself focused on doing you—it’s a time of awakening after the Libra full moon, and we’re focused on nurturing and loving ourselves. There is also a lot of healing going on, so although the week will feel energetic and fast-paced, don’t be surprised if you’re still licking some wounds—it’s actually a good time to end painful relationships and put away difficult memories and fears.

The end of the week is a bit confusing; I recommend that you avoid any actions that aren’t aligned with your values. You could be tempted to accept secret deals or start affairs. Focus on your spirituality, on your creativity, and on aligning yourself with your truth.

Let’s take a look at the weekly horoscope for each sun sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign, too, if you know it.


Love, love, love—you have hearts in your eyes this week, Aries. It’s a good time to shower yourself with love and appreciation. You can be out and about this week, and love encounters are possible. Just be mindful of what is intuition and what is fear, as you could feel a bit fearful this week.


Happy Taurus season! You’re in between cycles—you are closing a chapter, and you’re opening up a new one—so be a little patient and enjoy this in-between state. It’s a good time to reflect on any recent experience and/or ending.


This week is a time of reflection and an oasis of feelings for you, Gemini. You’re being called to reflect, regroup, and nurture yourself and your family. You have been involved in quite a few social/romantic relationships lately, and the energy still invites you to flourish and enjoy social contacts. But the focus is also on nurturing your inner life this week.


You might feel a bit pushed around this week, Cancer. You’ll notice that the pace is picking up and there can be strong feelings and energy in the people around you, which can cause you to feel easily pushed or hurt. Remind yourself that people’s actions, more often than not, have nothing to do with you.


Leo, you’re about to gain in energy and passion. The stars are aligning nicely for you, and a time of growth and expansion is on the horizon. This week is focused on the self—you’re focused on self-development and on nurturing your inner flame. It’s a good time to ask yourself questions about your values and goals—lots of breakthroughs are possible this week.


Virgo, now is a time of sexual awakening for you. Ever heard of kundalini? This could be a big moment. You’re reflecting on your desires and your relationships, and the week will offer developments on both themes.


This week is all about healing—yes, healing your body, but also your relationships and relationships patterns. Pay attention to your heart and your emotions, Libra. Don’t get too stuck in your head—connect to your body.


You are stepping into a place of joy and abundance after some time spent recharging your batteries and figuring yourself out. Nurture your inner child—take a dance class, start a new activity, or just indulge in whatever feeds your soul and nourishes you. It’s also a good time for romance—just focus on shining your light and you’ll attract people who share your vibration.


It’s time to regroup and focus on your inner life and foundations. Spend some time with your family and your loved ones; read a good book and draw yourself a bath. The energy is asking you to focus on your emotions and your inner life—don’t rush to the next project before you figure out what is going on within you right now.


This week is about communicating, Capricorn—maybe you’re being a little rash and abrasive, or maybe you haven’t been honest about what’s on your mind. This week is pushing you to be more open, to tell your truth. Go on a spontaneous weekend adventure—hit the road.


You’re unstoppable this week, Aquarius. You’re focused on feeling worthy and pursuing material wins, and you might achieve those things easily as the energy of the stars is supporting your desires. But don’t neglect higher ideals and spiritual matters—balancing the material and spiritual is important, always, but particularly this week.


Pisces, you feel very loving and in touch with yourself. However, you may have lingering anger and could have a sudden outburst. Pay attention to this aggressive energy and look for what it is trying to tell you. You could feel like your energy is very mutable, up and down, and that’s okay. Forgive yourself and look for the bigger lesson.

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