Everything you need to know about weed lube, plus our 5 top picks

With cannabis laws rapidly changing across the country, more and more women are turning to weed as a source of recreation, pain relief, and relaxation. Cannabis-infused products have been popping up everywhere in the beauty and wellness sphere in the form of face masks, serums, bath bombs, lattes, and the like. With products like weed lube, people are now finally recognizing the benefits of this glorious plant in a sexual context.

We already know that research around women’s sexual wellness has always been on the FDA’s back burner. Add cannabis into the mix, and we’re really getting controversial. According to Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, the feds have made the process of conducting cannabis research extra difficult, so most cannabis-related products on the market have not been approved by the FDA—despite their efficacy. Queen tells HelloGiggles, “I am hoping a recent (potential) loosening up of that restriction means that people will not only do more great research on cannabis, but also that this research will include more specific attention to how CBD, THC, and all the terpenes work when in contact with vaginal and anal mucosa.” There is a lot of potential for growth in this arena if researchers are given the space to explore possibilities.

About a third of women experience pain during sex, and until now, options for coping have been limited to numbing creams, dilators, and other questionable synthetic chemicals that are less than ideal when applied to the highly absorbent vaginal tissue.

With virtually no side effects, weed-infused lube is revolutionizing women’s ability to feel comfortable and empowered by their bodies in their most vulnerable moments.

There are a few things to consider when selecting which weed lube to buy for yourself. Are you looking for something to assist you in arousal, or something to combat pelvic floor pain and muscle tension? CBD, short for cannabinol, doesn’t get your vagina “high” per se, but it can certainly provide pain relief via its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s especially great for people with vaginismus or those recovering from a vaginal birth. However, while also combating inflammation, THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is excellent at assisting with blood flow and arousal to increase genital sensitivity. Cyo Nystrom, co-founder and CEO of cannabis-infused self-care and sexual wellness brand QUIM, tells HelloGiggles that “THC, when absorbed topically, acts as a vasodilator. It’ll increase blood flow to the vaginal area and augment natural lubrication.” Increased blood flow = better orgasms.

As Nystrom explained, it’s unlikely that anyone will experience psychoactive effects when THC is absorbed through the genitals, but if a partner performs oral sex after the THC-infused lube has been applied, there is a strong chance that they will get a legitimate head high. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—quite the contrary for many. But it’s something to keep in mind if you weren’t planning on getting stoned mid-romp. In addition to its libido-stimulating benefits, weed lube makes a very convenient massage oil. Although it won’t be absorbed into other parts of the body as easily as through the vagina, Nystrom says cannabis lube can absolutely act as a relaxing agent for sore muscles (and menstrual cramps!). It takes about 20 minutes to fully absorb and work its magic after application, so give yourself plenty of time with foreplay before intercourse to experience its full benefits. If you use condoms, make sure they are not made out of latex, or check to see that the weed lube you’re using explicitly says that it’s latex-safe. Oil-based lubes can deteriorate latex condoms, rendering them ineffective

THC-infused lube is only available in certain states where cannabis is legal, but CBD-infused lube can be found nationwide. If you are a DIY queen, we’ve provided a link to a marijuana lube recipe so you can make your own, and listed some of our favorite weed lube brands below.

QUIM Night Moves Intimate Oil

Quim Night Moves

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QUIM Night Moves Intimate Oil is designed to increase libido and intensify sensations, but it also contains tea tree oil, which has antifungal properties. Because of this, it’s been shown to help prevent UTIs and yeast infections, which are the ultimate mood-killers. Night Moves is a proactive vaginal health supplement that can be applied nightly as sort of an “eye cream” for your vagina.

Foria Pleasure—Natural Arousal Lube with THC

Foria Pleasure

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Foria Pleasure is reported to enhance tactile sensations while decreasing tension and dryness, leading to deeper, more readily accessible orgasms. For those who live outside of California or Colorado, Foria Pleasure comes in a CBD version as well.

Foria Awaken

Foria Awaken

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Foria Awaken claims to have similar benefits to Pleasure, but instead of THC, it contains Kava, a well-known analgesic with pain-relieving properties that stimulates the same receptors as THC. Kiana Reeves, Chief Brand Educator at Foria Wellness, tells HelloGiggles that it “works so well because the CBD is part of a synergistic blend of herbs, many of which have endocannabinoid activity.”

Yes! Yes! Yes! Healing CBD Lube from Spiral Herbal Remedies

Yes Yes Yes CBD lube

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The CBD in Yes! Yes! Yes! is an excellent choice for combatting pain during sex, whether it’s due to menopause, endometriosis, or cervical dysplasia. In addition to decreasing inflammation and blocking pain, it has been reported to extend orgasms by altering the perception of sensations throughout the nervous system.

Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing lube

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Velvet Swing contains both THC and CBD, as well as a custom terpene blend designed specifically for sexuality. It works to improve blood flow and increase orgasmic potential, and also acts as a sort of sexual “primer” that can be diluted or used in conjunction with other lubes as needed. It’s compatible with latex and silicone—great news for people using condoms and/or toys.

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