This wedding is total #twinception

A wedding that just took place in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India, is taking #twinning to the next level, you guys. Then they took it to another level after that, multiplied it a few times and invented new levels we’d never even imagined.

Let’s try and break things down, shall we? (Take a deep breath. Things are about to get real. Like Inception-level real.) Dinker and Dilraj Varikkassery, identical twin grooms, married Reena and Reema, a pair of identical twin brides on November 8. According to an interview with the Daily Mail, Dinker and Dilraj loved growing up as twins so much that in high school they decided they wanted to marry a set of twins. After college and entering the workforce, they didn’t change their mind. They were completely serious about it, guys. Dinker and Dilraj started an all-twins Facebook group, searched online and spend five whole years looking for their life partner twins. (That’s commitment.) Dilraj said, “When we met Reena and Reema, we knew it was them we were looking for all this while. Fortunately, they also had the similar feeling after meeting us.”

Apparently, all four of them (Dilraj, Dinker, Reena and Reema) were also on board with having a twin-themed wedding. We have to say, they completely blew it out of the park. Twin priests Rezi and Rozy Manaparambil officiated the ceremony. They also had twin flower girls and twin page boys.

That’s five sets of twins, in case you’re keeping track.

And that’s not it. There were more twins. There were more. Two other sets of twins were also in attendance, bringing the grand total to seven sets of twins. Whew.

Congrats Dilraj, Dinker, Reena and Reema! We have a sneaky suspicion we might be getting twin birth announcements sometime in the foreseeable future. Just saying.

[Images via Twitter.]

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