We cannot stop laughing at this mega wedding RSVP fail

We’re nearing the end of wedding season, and it’s definitely been eventful. (Let’s all have a moment of silence for everybody’s checking account after being a bridesmaid.) Spring and fall are peak wedding months, and we’re ushering in September, one of the most common months for weddings, with a hilarious bang.

In addition to beef and pork entrees, one couple offered wedding guests the choice of “child (12 and under)”. Oops!

We’re STILL laughing about it. At least this couple’s family and friends will remember their wedding for many years to come! We’re not sure what the appropriate wine pairing is for an eight year old is, but we… also don’t really want to find out.

After being shared to reddit, and picked up by Woman’s Day, the wedding invite obviously went viral. Since being uploaded five days ago, the image already has over one million views.

We have to wonder if nobody saw this before sending the invite, or if they saw it and wanted everybody else to share their joy. We’ve heard of kid-friendly weddings, but usually this isn’t what people mean when they say they’ll have your kids for dinner.


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