This couple took their wedding photos at Target, and it’s GOALS

When you go to Target, you usually leave with more than you anticipated. It’s just the way it is. And this couple left with some of the most amazing wedding photos we’ve ever seen.

Miami, Florida couple Michael Delvalle and Isabella Sablan just got married, and they wanted to take photos to commemorate the event at a place that means a lot to them: Target. The store was reportedly a big part of their dating life (which is dang relatable) and they felt like the red bullseye decor was the perfect way to capture their romance.

“The basis of our relationship is built on Target. We probably go two to three times a week,” Sablan, who planned the shoot, said to ABC News. “We like long walks at Target instead of on the beach.”

LOL. And also, YES!

The couple, who met in their teens, dated for eight years before tying the knot. And that’s a lot of Target trips — they’re probably Red Card members (or have least considered taking the plunge.)

"When we needed something to do on a slow Thursday night, Target was always there with open doors. Even if we didn’t need anything, Target always knew what was best for us and it never failed to send us home without some sort of delicious treat, household good, or one of those beautiful red tag clearance items that now consume our entire home décor," Delvalle added, in a statement given to Fox News.

Check out how cute these photos are, courtesy of Evan Rich Photography.

Those aren’t the only photos they’ve taken in Target. ABC News reported that the couple also has an Instagram account that pays tribute to the “forgotten cups” found throughout the store. Called “Cups of Target,” the account currently has well over 4,000 followers. And when you see the photos, you’ll feel like you’re right at home inside your neighborhood Target.

Many congrats to the happy couple! We hope they received a ton of Target gift cards to celebrate their big day.

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