When this wedding party got stuck in an elevator, they kept calm and took pix

If you’ve ever planned a wedding (or been to a wedding) you know that there are many things happening at once, and if something goes wrong, it can lead to everything going wrong. While there are plans in place to get out of a quick wedding snafu, I bet no bride ever thinks about getting stuck in an elevator on the way to her wedding. But that’s what happened to couple Liz Copeland and Harry Stein, and their parents, wedding party, photographer and rabbi. En route to the wedding, they got stuck in the elevator.


Two choices: freak out, or remain completely calm and get some amazing pictures of the whole wedding party together in one small, confined space. Copeland and Stein went with the second choice, and now have some pretty great pictures of the incident.

The photographers for the event, Kissick Weddings, wrote on their blog that the group was stuck in the elevator for about 30 minutes, and “In that time (and the rising heat), jokes were made, selfies were taken and you could barely tell that Liz and Harry were late to their own wedding.” They later captured a photo on their Instagram with “calmest bride ever.”

What could have turned into a day-ruining event is now a pretty great wedding story. And clearly, no one let this setback get in the way of still snapping pictures that now come with a pretty funny wedding story.

Many happy congrats to the couple, who are sure to remember this day forever. And to the fire department that successfully and safely rescued them from the elevator.

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[Images via Twitter and Instagram]