7 wedding guests reveal the most annoying requests couples have ever made

Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions, and they usually are. But sometimes, weddings are just awful to attend for all sorts of reasons. While there are definitely things that guests do at weddings that can drive a new couple out of their minds, sometimes it’s the bride and groom who make ridiculous requests for their wedding day and spoil all the fun. It’s always a tough spot to be in, since the day is supposed to be about the couple taking their vows. You want to make it special for them. But these occasions can also stress people out, which is why the concept of the “bridezilla” (and “groomzilla”!) is a very real thing some guests have to put up with.

HelloGiggles polled some of our friends who’ve had terrible experiences at weddings, and we were a little surprised at how demanding some brides and grooms can be. Whether it was forcing people to spend money they didn’t have, wear ridiculous things, and in some cases, even dye their hair, it became abundantly clear that weddings can make people go a little screwy.

So if you’re attending a wedding this summer and the bride or groom has already vetoed your outfit, know that you’re not alone. Here are some other wild and ridiculous requests couples have asked of their guests that will never be okay.

1“Change your appearance.”

Being a bridesmaid means you don’t get a lot of say in what you’re going to wear on your friend’s big day. But one bridesmaid we talked to actually had the bride ask her to dye her hair, since she was the only brunette in a lineup of all blondes. The bride didn’t want her bridesmaid to stand out in the pictures.

2“You can’t come in.”

Destination weddings are fraught with tension, especially when the couple isn’t footing the bill. Travel’s expensive, right? Unfortunately, we talked to way too many people who had been invited to weddings far, far away, only to show up and then learn that the church or venue for the ceremony only fit so many people. So they came all that way and never even got to see the couple take their vows, which is just rude.

3“Sacrifice your enjoyment.”

One friend told HelloGiggles that they were tasked with talking to the mother of the groom all evening, since she was destined to be a grump about everything and drive the bride crazy. Luckily, this wedding guest is so good at small talk that she’s often asked to talk to people no one else wants to talk to at weddings. “My trick is to get them to talk about themselves,” she explained, only a little annoyed that she never gets to actually have fun at the reception.

4“You must have fun.”

Photobooths at weddings are a fun touch for people who like to have their photo taken. HelloGiggles talked to a handful of wedding guests who were forced into photobooths by the bride and groom. Like, the bride made her way around the tables during dinner and walked people over to get their selfies taken. For people who don’t want to get their picture taken, that’s excruciating.

5“Only DIY gifts allowed.”

We love to craft as much as the next person, but when we heard that a couple asked all their guests to make them a wedding gift, we just couldn’t handle it. Being sustainable and sentimental is a good thing, but being forced to craft for a couple who you might not even really love that much? That’s a lot to ask. Let your guests off the hook a little bit.

6“No pants.”

One wedding guest told HelloGiggles that they were dumbfounded by a request on a recent wedding invitation that insisted women wear a skirt or a dress — but no pants. For a winter wedding, too, when pants or a jumpsuit help you cover up in the cold. What is this, the 18th century? Forcing gendered clothing roles on people is a tad much.

7“Feed yourself.”

It’s fine to have a wedding reception that doesn’t serve food, but you definitely need to tell people that on the invite. One wedding guest told HelloGiggles that during a country wedding in the middle of nowhere, the bride’s family casually mentioned that guests should find a way to feed themselves while on the way to the wedding reception, since dinner and apps were not being served. It was going to be strictly open bar and dancing, which was fun. But no one had any idea where the closest diner was and no one stepped in to help. Come on — do better.

Most annoying things that couples do on their wedding day aren’t intentional. Wanting great pictures, sentimental gifts, and to save money on catering comes from a good place in most cases. But communication is key, so if you’re a groom or bride, remember to think about what’s easiest for your guests on your wedding day. The point is for people to have fun and celebrate your love, right?

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