Here’s how much people actually spend on wedding gifts in the U.S.

Selecting a gift off of a friend/relative/co-worker’s wedding registry can sometimes induce heavy nail biting. On the one hand, you don’t want to come off as one of those guests who re-gifts a recycled pink elephant gift. But, on the other hand, this is just the start of wedding season, and you need to plan accordingly for the many weddings ahead. Still, you can’t help but wonder if the bride or groom will ponder the price tag and see it as a reflection of your feelings. If only you had some way of knowing what the “normal” price range for a wedding gift is.

Well, Tendr, a site that helps people give cash gifts, has released some useful information based on deep analysis of last year’s transactions.

What did they find?

First of all, the national average for a wedding gift was $160. Wowza! What’s more interesting is that people tend to give more generously in the summer months as opposed to the winter months. Could there be some mysterious link between our wallets and the temperatures outside? Does sunshine just give us more feels?

Another interesting fact: the average gift-giving amount differed dramatically from state to state. Yep, $160 isn’t a blanket cost. To give you a clearer picture, Tendr published a breakdown by state.

Keep in mind this is merely an average, so don’t panic if your gift is nowhere near the dollar amount.

Arkansas residents spent the least on wedding gifts, with an average of $73. Vermonters spent the most, with an average of $245. As for the most populous states, Californians spent $150 on average, Texans spent $142, Floridians spent $176, and New Yorkers spent $191.

But price schmice, are we right? Before you get too bent out of shape, just remember it’s the thought that counts. No dollar amount could ever represent your true sentiment. So give the present a little thought and a little love, and put your worry aside and celebrate.

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