This wedding ceremony featured more flowers than we’ve ever seen in one place

When we think of weddings, whether the one we’ve expertly planned in our minds or the ones we’ve attended, we usually picture bridal gowns and breathtaking venues. We don’t always get into the minute details like, say, floral aisle decorations. For most people a few flowers tied to the chairs at the end of each row is more than enough. But Kate Holt, aka Flowerwild, is attempting to turn aisle decorations into a main production instead of just an afterthought.

Holt is a popular floral designer based in California and the mastermind behind the perfectly arranged Flowerwild Instagram account. It’s her job to make weddings more memorable with flowers. This weekend, Kate pulled together a technicolor rainbow assortment of pink, magenta, orange, and purple flowers to create the most extravagant flower aisle.

Yes! This floral aisle is definitely the most beautifully elaborate use of flowers we’ve ever seen.

We can’t help but wonder if there’s a pot of gold at the end of this magical rainbow assortment.

And if you’re wondering what it would be like to walk down this aisle, peep the video Kate shared on Instagram so you can have a virtual stroll.

But creating this masterpiece was no easy feat. It took Holt and her Flowerwild team almost two hours to build. Check out the whole process in this time-lapse:

We can honestly say we’ll never look at floral arrangements the same way again. Oh, and this is giving us SERIOUS inspiration for our next gathering.