This wedding DJ only had the sweetest things to say about Taylor Swift surprising a bride and groom

Taylor Swift: singer, baker, cat mom, wedding guest extraordinaire. Last weekend she surprised two of her biggest fans by attending their wedding in New Jersey, posing for pics, and even singing one of her songs for their first dance. And now, the wedding DJ is sharing his thoughts about Taylor’s surprise appearance.

The bride and groom, Kenya Smith and Max Singer, were totally floored when Taylor arrived. Singer’s mom recently passed away, and the couple was married in her hospital room before their actual wedding day so she could be there to enjoy it. On that day, the mother and son danced to “Blank Space,” so the song is meaningful to them. Singer’s sister wrote Taylor a letter explaining all of this, and naturally, the pop star dropped everything to be there in person.

Some people might feel upstaged, but not wedding DJ Michael Klebacher. He had ha nothing but nice things to say about Taylor (we figured).

“Taylor knew exactly why she was coming there,” Klebacher told Billboard. “She knew that the groom, who’s also in the military, is a superfan, and so is his wife. When his sister told this to Taylor, she was able to convey this.”

Some people have criticized Taylor, saying she attended the wedding as a publicity stunt. But Klebacher insists her presence came out of the goodness of her heart.

“There are already people all over the internet who are saying, ‘Oh, this is such a cold and calculated move by Taylor for promotion,’ but nothing that I’ve seen would indicate that at all,” the DJ continued. “I’m not seeing anything other than complete altruism.” That’s what we see, too!

Taylor couldn’t help but joke that “Blank Space”—a solid breakup anthem—is a non-traditional choice for a first dance.

“I want to talk about the fact that when I wrote this song, I never in my life imagined I would be asked to play it at a wedding,” she joked mid-song. “But what Max and Kenya want, they get!”

Watch Taylor’s mellow performance as the newlyweds have their first dance. It’s a beautiful, emotional moment that inevitably evolves into a big singalong. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Yep, having Taylor Swift perform at your wedding is pretty high on the list of #lifegoals. Congratulations to the happy couple, and kudos to Tay for helping them celebrate their special day!

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