These wedding bouquets made out of cupcakes are almost too beautiful to eat — almost

There’s nothing that gets our hearts beating more than weddings and baked goods — so what happens when you combine the two together? Absolute BLISS!

A bakery company that goes by the name of Baked Bouquets actually makes wedding bouquets (and other floral arrangements) that are made of cupcakes and holy guacamole are these things AMAZING! Because honestly, who doesn’t want an edible bouquet? You’re legit killing two birds with one stone here and we just HAVE to tip our hats off to that!

Like, hold on a minute. How are these NOT flowers?! We love the autumn theme!

There's legit no way that these aren't freshly picked from a field of rolling hills. There's legit NO WAY.

This is straight up sorcery, we tell you!

How elegant is this bouquet? So cute! Also, the perfect dessert after a long night of dancing at a wedding!

This bouquet is legit perfect for all your mermaid bridal needs!

OMG! This one has us blooming with envy at whoever gets to carry (and eat) this one!

That's it, we need one of these ASAP!

You can see more of the ever-so-fabulous Baked Bouquets here.

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