This web show explores the complicated world of gender pronouns

Wifey TV’s new language-themed web show, The Dirty Word, is back with their second episode and it’s all about gender-based pronouns. While their first episode dealt with words that made people cringe, this time, host Amanda Montell explores how certain words in the English language separates genders. She points out how some communities have tried introducing gender neutrality in their speech, and how just last year Sweden successfully added a gender neutral pronoun to their dictionary — “hen.”

In order to experiment with gender-based language, Montell  asks special guests Jessie Kahnweiler of The Skinny and comedian Gaby Dunn to play a drinking game. The rules? Each contestant chooses a card with a celebrity name and has to describe the person without using any gender language. If they need to use a pronoun, they must use the Swedish term “hen.” It’s kind of like a gender neutral version of Taboo.

As expected, the results are hilarious. Check out the vid below: