Web Series to Watch: “Adult Wednesday Addams”

Just in time for Halloween, comedienne, writer, actress, and all-around super human Melissa Hunter has a real treat for fans of nostalgia and all things spooky. Ever wondered what Wednesday Addams (of the Addams Family Addams, of course) might be like after she grows up and decides to move out on her own? Well, say hello to a web series that explores exactly that. Meet Adult Wednesday Addams!

Yes, this clever web series is exactly as you’d expect – Wednesday Addams is all grown up and navigating the ups and downs of life as a morbid twentysomething in the excessively cheery town of Los Angeles. There’ve been four episodes so far, my personal favorite being the most recent, when Wednesday learns the laws of LA’s dog-walking scene.

When I asked Melissa to tell me a little more about the origin of this genius concept, here’s what she had to say:

Wednesday Addams is a great character and it’s a good thing Melissa has resurrected her (pun intended) for us all to experience Wednesday all grown up continuing to creep people out but still winning at life. Be sure to catch new episodes of Adult Wednesday Adams every Wednesday (because, of course) and if you love Melissa as much as I do, you should follow her all over the interwebs: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and her personal website.

Image via Melissa Hunter

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