This video of a weatherman getting blown away on live TV will have you laughing as hard as his coworkers

When it comes to weather and the weatherman, things aren’t always as simple as they seem. From hating hot weather to making sure you’re matching your outfit despite the weather, the outside world can make or break a good day. So we trust in our local weatherman to let us know what is happening. (Or we trust in Brad Pitt to give us the weather.)

But when we heard about one recent weather report, we knew it wasn’t like all the others. Deric Hartigan, an Irish weatherman was giving an update on live television when the weather got the best of him. The TV3 meteorologist was using a big umbrella to shield himself from the rain and winds while giving his report — but then a particularly fierce gust caught his umbrella and blew him right out of frame. While that moment alone was funny enough, it was his coworkers reactions that truly made this special.

Watch the weather get the best of this weatherman for yourself.

And Twitter pretty much loved him after that! Hartigan showed us his professionalism and willpower to give the weather as he intended, even if his coworkers couldn’t stop laughing at his little gasp as he was being blown away.

It was just a small reminder to many how insane the Irish weather can be! One Twitter user even reminisced about why they missed it.

Deric himself even shared the incident!

But that’s just the nature of the job. And, dare we say it, nature in general.

Honestly, the weather can be a beast.

So Deric, we understand. Umbrellas and windy weather can be a terrible combination — but all of the world is thankful right now that your giant umbrella got caught up in the mess of it!

And as he put it himself on Twitter, when it goes wrong, it goes wrong!