Some geniuses made a Weasley Clock, now we all want one

Everyone with a big family can appreciate the genius of the Weasley Clock, whose hands tell you where everyone is at any given moment. While the Weasley Clock in Harry Potter ran on magic, a group of students from University of Munich have devised their own version, that runs on technology (not that there is anything wrong with magic!). It does almost everything that the film Weasley Clock does, but it’s not able to tell time as well as tell where the people it tracks are. Let us explain.

Nerdist reports that Frederik Brudy, Fabius Steinberger, Felix Praschak, and Claudius Böttcher made a Weasley Clock that runs on GPS tracking a mobile application. Once they had the tracking aspect figured out, they bought an old clock on eBay that they customized by adding additional hands to represent all four of them and gears that would allow the clock hands to travel 360 degrees.

The clock was then connected to a server that relayed where they four friends were, once they uploaded their location from the app. The hands would then spin around to point to “university,” “work,” “lost,” etc.

This real-life Weasley Clock is something you can build too! The students made a tutorial for you so you can get your family on-track.

(Image via Warner Bros.)