Wearing this bracelet makes it way easier to get pregnant

Looking to get pregnant? There’s a bracelet on the market that can help you get there. Think of it as your very own baby-making Fitbit. Yesterday, Ava just released a fertility tracking bracelet that increases your chances of getting pregnant by 89 percent. Whoa!

It’s totally FDA approved and said to be a great alternative to choosing much more expensive, and sometimes invasive, fertility treatments (although in no way are we saying these methods are not useful for many women — this is simply another option for those who are looking to get pregnant). It also seems to work better than simply tracking your cycle. The truth of the matter is, though, that it takes a bit more than we think to become pregnant. The CEO of Ava, Lea von Bidder, says,

“For most women, there are only about six days per month where there is any possibility of conceiving, and only three days per month where it is likely. Even under the most favorable conditions— a young, healthy couple having frequent unprotected intercourse — there is only about a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant in a given month.”

That’s why Ava’s new tracking device doesn’t just tell you when you ovulate, when your period should start, and when it should end, but it also clocks in your sleeping schedule, your heart rate, and how you’re breathing. These little bits of information, plus much more, are needed in order to figure out when your peak fertile days are.


If you’re seriously wanting to get pregnant and you haven’t had much luck getting successful on your own, consider looking into Ava’s fertility bracelet. It’s retailed at $199.

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