Wear this slice of shiny pizza around your neck

Welcome to Pizza Power, where we celebrate our intense love for all things pizza. Because if you really want to show your love for pizza, you don’t just eat it—you wear it loud and proud. 

What was the last pizza you had? Would you describe it as positively scrumptious, like the out-of-this-world, bacon and goat cheese pie I had the other night after a showing of Magic Mike XXL? It was the kind of pizza that was so good, I wish it could somehow be on me forever, like an edible token of good luck. Since that’s not possible and would be kind of gross, I can do the next best thing and wear a piece of jewelry that looks like a slice of pizza.

This pizza necklace is the answer. I’ve actually worn this shiny accoutrement whilst eating pizza and it may have made the actual pizza taste even better. If you’re love for the ‘za is serious, you need a serious case of bling like this around your neck. Drip yourself in pizza jewels, you crust-lovin’ queen!

Pizza Lover Necklace, $10

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