What you should wear with your graduation gown, illustrated

If you’re getting ready to grab a deserved diploma, then for at least a few days, you’ve likely been staring at your graduation gown. One would think that this frock would make choosing an outfit much easier, as it basically covers your entire body. But, alas, you still want to feel like a rockstar on this big day — even if no one will see what you’re modeling under that gown. Plus, there are always shoes ?

To help you prepare for your arrival at graduation station, we’ve got some outfit (and accessories!) ideas for you.

1. Zara Accordion Pleat Skirt, $39.90

2. ASOS High Waist Tapered Pants, $40

3. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, $99.99

4. ASOS Pleated Cami Dress, $87

5. Nordstrom Ruffle One-Shoulder Dress, $105

6. Shopbop Tahlia Dress, £93.36

7. Michael Kors Embroidered Leather Clutch, £257.50

8. Accessorize Murray Satin Envelope Clutch Bag, $29

9. ASOS Lost Ink Fancie Silver Ankle Strap Mid Heeled Shoes, $64

10. ASOS Made Gold Drop Bar Earrings, $47.37

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