We can’t decide whether to wear or eat these amazing dress cakes!

When given the choice between eating a cake and wearing a cake, most of us would obviously pick eating. But the designs that some of these Instagram cake makers have achieved have us doubting this decision. The cakes are truly works of art. Some of them good enough to actually wear on occasion.

I mean just look at that! Basically every single fairy princess fantasy that we’ve ever had is shown in pink frosting. We would not be wrong to say that getting cake all over you is not the worst thing in the world if that mean having this little number in real life.

Okay, that might have been a little bit of an exaggeration, but still, the designs are pretty enough to really take your breath away. It takes skill to decorate cakes — a steady hand and confidence will only get you so far. The fact that these dresses look so realistic is a testament to the chefs attention to detail.

These wedding dress cakes are truly dreamy…





Feel like a Disney Princess with these colorful creations

Need a little Easter #inspo? This cake is for you!

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion like a baby shower or a wedding, the cakes will make your guests’ eyes light up. Plus, unlike real dresses you get to munch on one after examining every detail!

That’s the kind of innovation that needs to happen in the fashion industry.