Quotes from Abigail Breslin’s Reddit AMA that make us FULLY want to be her BFF

Abigail Breslin might have been the adorable kid in Little Miss Sunshine way back in 2006, but since then she’s grown up and become someone we would totally want to be best friends with IRL. She actually just did a Reddit AMA that was seriously perfect on every level. In it we learned that she really really loves sloths (then again, who doesn’t), thinks about food a lot (once again, who doesn’t?) and would totally return for the second Zombieland.

When not watching videos of sloths online, she’s busy recording an album, staying up late, and can correctly use both the word ‘bae’ and ‘chill’ in a conversation. Breslin calls herself a “Starbucks connoisseur.” And she is ALWAYS up for talking about sloths. What else did we learn from her AMA?

“Question: To what factors do you contribute your (apparent) transition from child star to stable, non-psychotic adult star?

Abigail Breslin: Probably my parents and friends. I may be stable, but no one ever said I was non-psychotic.”

Humble and self-deprecating. Just our kind of gal.

“Q: Do you remember much from making the movie Signs?

AB: I don’t remember much besides me being in a bizarre obsession with Polly Pockets at the time.”

So much yaaaaassss.

“Q: What has been the best experience of your life so far?

AB: Meeting a sloth in London!”

Again with the yaaaaassss. 

“Q: What’s it like being a famous teenager? Do you ever wish for the life of a “normal” teenager?

AB: Most of my life is pretty normal. When I’m not working I’m just watching Christmas movies tbh.”

Us too!

“Q: What would your actual last meal consist of?

AB: My last meal would be tons of cupcakes and eggnog lattes.”

Again, us too!

“Q: Do you ever read the gossip sites to see if you pop up?

AB: Nah just gives too much unnecessary anxiety. I’m more focused on what my friends/family/cats and dogs think of me.”

An answer we truly love.

“Q: When was the last time you watched Little Miss Sunshine?

AB: When I was 16 and I was shocked by how many things I didn’t understand while I was little.”

“Q: If you were to vacation anywhere, where would you vacation, and with who? 

AB: I would vacation with a baby sloth to Alaska.”

Can we come?

“Q: What’s your go to dance move?

AB: Raise da roof.”

We can go dancing in Alaska with the sloth!

“Q: What was Bill Murray like?

AB: Bill Murray had all the chill.”

No Abigail, YOU have all the chill.

Soooooo, where do we pick up the applications to be her best friend?

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