We tried a luxe magnetic face mask and this is what happened

As you know, we’re face mask fanatics over here; if there’s a new one out we have to try it out and see what’s going on. The gimmickier the better! The bubble mask was insanely awesome and boob masks are a thing that people love. And not a single week goes by where we’re not slathering our faces in just about anything we can get our hands on.

When we heard about Dr. Brandt’s Magnetight Age-Defier Mask, we knew we had to try it for ourselves. Dr. Brandt’s wildly popular skincare line is a fave to beauty junkies and celebrities the world over because they give results that are pretty darn close to what you’d get at the dermatologist’s office. So while they are indeed pricey, it’s usually worth the gamble.

The Magnetight mask is indeed magnetized; it’s literally made of iron powder, which they claim reduces the appearances of fine lines while soothing stressed skin.


It comes with its own handy-dandy magnet, which will come into play in just a little bit.


Start with a fresh, clean face.


Hello! Please do not be offended by the lighting in my bathroom dungeon. We gotta work with what we got!

Using the spatula, apply an even layer of the mask around your entire face, but be very careful to avoid the eyes.


Like, I actually don’t ever want to think about what would happen if I got this in my eyes. Nightmare scenario.


Let the mask chill on your face for 5 to 10 minutes. I watched some Harry Potter and chopped veggies for a ratatouille.

I was pleasantly surprised by the mask’s lavender-y and citrusy scent. I was totally expecting it to smell like iron, which would have been terrible. But you might want to avoid if you are very sensitive to scents.

The mask doesn’t ever dry hard, as a clay mask would, so it felt super hydrating and was extremely comfortable. It didn’t feel greasy at all! More like having lots of really fancy creams on.

Time to take it off! Here’s where that magnet comes in.


The instructions say to wrap the magnet in tissue for easy clean-up, but I have a confession. I tried the mask on my boyfriend first so I could troubleshoot any issues, and using the tissues was actually super messy. I mean, it worked, it was just kind of a pain. So during my turn, I used an old, clean, cotton hankie that I usually use to remove my makeup.


It worked like a charm! And the sensation is so crazy! But then I got really paranoid that the hankie would ruin my clothes in the laundry machine, so I threw it away. Go with tissue, you guys.

The magnet actually works, pulling your skin gently towards it and sliding the mask right off. It was amazing!


Should I grow a goatee?

This is by far the easiest removal of a mask I’ve ever experienced, and that includes sheet masks!


Fresh and clean!

Final thoughts:

The masks leaves an oil-like deposit on your skin that you’re supposed to let your skin soak up for the rest of the day. It feels similar to a heavy serum and is quite comfortable, though I suspect that is really what gets the supposed results, moreso than the iron itself.

I enjoyed the process of using the mask and taking it off was super trippy and fun, but I’m not exactly sure that it really did anything for my skin other than moisturize it. Those forehead wrinkles are still going strong. And I wasn’t expecting a miracle, of course, I’m no amateur, but for $75 a pop, you’d think there’d be a little magic!

Would you ever try it? Is the cool-factor worth the price?

We also tried the Magnetight mask on Facebook live, which you can watch here.