Starbucks has a new, limited-edition Cherry Blossom Frappuccino —so we gave it a try

There’s a new Frappuccino in Starbucks Land, and it’s sweet and creamy and perfect for spring. In honor of the Japanese sakura tradition, Starbucks released the Cherry Blossom Frapp yesterday (March 15th) and you can get it until the 20th (so, you know, hurry).


According to Starbucks, The Cherry Blossom drink is a medley of strawberries and cream, white chocolate sauce, matcha, and whipped cream topped off with some matcha powder.

It’s actually a drink Japan has been offering since 2010 (luckies!), and if you feel like booking a flight, you can also experience the new Sakura Blossom & Strawberry Latte and the Sakura Blossom & Strawberry Frappuccino now available in Japan.

Because we at HelloGiggles like all things sweet and new, we decided to try out the new beverage. Here’s what we think of the Cherry Blossom drank.


“It’s delicious but tastes nothing like cherries…or blossoms.” -Marie, Staff Writer


“This tastes so FAMILIAR, but I don’t know where I’ve had it before! My instinct tells me that I’ve probably had it as a boba milk tea or inside some kind of Japanese pastry? It kinda reminds me of Nesquik strawberry milk” -Quyen, HG intern


“This was surprisingly yummy. It doesn’t really taste like cherry blossoms because it’s, you know, made with strawberries. BUT I like the sweetness and creaminess and hint of matcha green tea. Not bad, Starbucks. Not bad.” -Gina, Senior Editor


“This was so good. It was delicious. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. But I wanted to keep drinking it, maybe forever? Like, I’d have this at a drink at my proverbial future wedding, it was so good. It tasted more like a Frapp-y smoothie than anything else, not like a Bath and Body Works lotion, as one might suspect.” -Rachel, Staff Writer

Final Verdict: A general thumbs up!