We tested out the Evie Blender, the new glittery makeup sponge everyone is in love with

Silicone makeup sponges are the IT beauty tool right now. While the trend was kicked off by the Silisponge, the latest hype for this new kind of makeup applicator comes courtesy of the Evie Blender, a glittery, squishy makeup sponge made from medical grade silicone.

Evie Blender’s creator, Angie Johnson, is a makeup artist who wanted to create a makeup tool that wouldn’t waste product like other sponges tend to do. While regular makeup sponges are made from foam and absorb extra makeup, the Evie Blender only picks up the product you need. This is great news because it means we save money…only to spend on more beauty products!

When we first heard about the Evie Blender, it had just launched its Kickstarter. They have since surpassed their goal of $28K by more than $16K, in less than a week. Right now you can get either holographic silver glitter or purple glitter, but they plan on adding more colors later.

We were able to get our hands on the Evie Blender to try it ourselves.


We love how it doesn’t waste makeup.


It won’t hold on to old makeup residue, which means it is safer for your skin.

And it’s so easy to clean. Use a makeup wipe in a pinch.


The Evie Blender can last more than a year if cared for properly.

Plus, it’s SO cute!


Watch the entire video here:


Johnson told HelloGiggles that she came up with the name Evie because it is kind of a nickname for her parent company, Evolution Beauty LLC.

Johnson adds:

“My goal is for it to be an innovative beauty tech company that is also environmentally and socially conscious.


Due to the success of the Evie Blender, Johnson is currently talking to a distributor and manufacturer to help with the orders. “I’m excited about it because it’s all female-owned and operated in the US,” she explained to us. Once the Evie officially launches, she also plans to have a portion of the proceeds to go to an environmental conservation charity. How cool is that?


There’s still six days left on the Kickstarter, so you can order your own Evie Blender, here!

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