We talked to Peruvian-based label Mozh Mozh about textiles, inspiration, and preserving your culture

Fashion is a reflection of our culture. And very often it’s also a reflection of our upbringing and our belief system, as well. This rings true for Mozhdeh Matin, founder of Mozh Mozh, a Peruvian-based fashion label that works locally to safeguard Peruvian textiles and techniques.

For Matin, inspiration is found in traditional fabrics reworked with a modern feel; gaucho pants in alpaca wool, woven handbags and oversized sweaters with intricate detailing. The pieces are both evocative and modern, a reflection of the designer’s roots and surroundings that culminate  in some really exquisite designs. Thankfully, the fashion world is taking note of Mozh Mozh, with Mozhdeh being the first Peruvian designer to show at London Fashion Week. Now it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on to Mozh Mozh.

So we talked to Mozhdeh about her label, where she draws inspiration and what’s next.


HelloGiggles: Can you tell us about why you started your brand?

Mozh Mozh: I think I was almost a teenager when I realized that what I wear reflects a lot of my personality. I wanted to make my own clothes and feel that was part of who I was. That’s how my relationship with craftsmanship started, too. Later I studied fine arts and fashion and I started to travel a lot to different native communities in my country Peru; I was very interested in their techniques and colors. I decided to launch Mozh Mozh, which is a combination of contemporary textiles and design.


HG: You work with Peruvian suppliers. What influenced this decision?

MM: I’m the daughter of Iranian Bahai refugees born in the Peruvian mountains. Since I was very little my mom used to dress us like native Peruvians. We were raised in a community full of textiles and beauty. When I was studying design I decided to only work locally, mostly because of the handwork and the natural materials available to me.


HG: What was the inspiration behind your last collection?

MM: My last collection is influenced by the Peruvian women’s costumes from the Andes.  I’m very interested in their daily clothing and color combinations. I feel it reflects a lot the culture of the country.


HG: Where do you draw inspiration?

MM: Mostly my daily life. I crave new details, views and colors every day. I’ve kept a personal Instagram since 2014 to remind myself of my own experiences.


HG: You work a lot with really brilliant textiles, how does this influence your design process, if at all?

MM: I like to travel to different communities in Peru and see what new textiles/color combinations our artisans are working with. So first I choose the textile (which usually are not made for clothing, but for decoration) and that brings the vibe of the rest of the collection.


HG: How do your Iranian and Peruvian roots influence your work, if at all?

MM: During the years I’ve learned to recognize myself as a mix of both cultures. I carry a lot of my mom’s memories in my mood boards, as I do of my childhood memories, too.


HG: Who is the “Mozh Mozh woman?”

MM: I like to think that the Mozh Mozh woman is a wild and wise contemporary woman. She cares a lot about being comfortable, but is also free at the same time.


HG: What’s next for the brand?

MM: We are very excited about new collaborations which we will be posting soon!