We should actually be talking about how body positive Rihanna’s plunging red dress is

First and foremost, let’s thank the universe that we get to live in the time of Rihanna. The singer and actress is one of the few living fashion icons who is able to wear a look and make it an instant classic.

Take, for example, Monday’s Valerian premiere in London. Rihanna wore a red Giambattista Valli couture dress with a plunging, off-the-shoulder neckline and an empire waist. And she killed it. RIP. Coffin emoji. This is a LOOK, and we are appropriately shook.

And even though this gown is couture (aka handmade and custom fit just for her), most comments about the look focus on one thing: Rihanna’s cleavage. Yes, y’all, she has boobs! Yes, y’all, this dress is plunging. And even though some say it looks like a “wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen,” using this narrative to talk about the dress and Rihanna, without focusing on anything else about the look, is really kind of missing the point. Because this look is actually all about the oversized silhouette.

Her plunging neckline reminds us that body positivity comes in many forms. Modesty is empowering for some, exposing skin is for others. Rihanna obviously felt (and looked) amazing in this dress, and probably not just because her boobs looked great. The real star of this look is everything below the bust.

So yes, the neckline of this dress may be nearing nip slip territory, but the most interesting part is the gown’s super-sized volume. And in true Bad Gal RiRi fashion, this dress even has a train, because Rihanna gets what Rihanna wants. This is one of the most refreshing looks we’ve seen so far on the summer red carpet.


By wearing what she wants, and being unapologetic about it, Rihanna reminds us of the true meaning of the bo-po movement. Namely, to support others in loving their bodies in their own way. Next time you’re inspired to try something daring, take a cue from Rihanna and go for it.

No apologies necessary.

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