We seriously can’t stop watching these old school ink doodles come to life

We heart art. So when we came across these old school ink doodles, we were like, wait, woah. They’re INCREDIBLE, you guys. Created by Kerby Rosanes, an illustrator based in Manila, these live ink doodles are seriously blowing our minds. This is definitely an artist you need to follow on Instagram. The incredibly detailed pen doodles of Kerby Rosanes are rocking our worlds right now.

We especially love, love, love the videos showcasing how the pieces start, and how they end. Talk about inspirational art!

How incredibly beautiful is this video of a WIP?

Even as a work in progress, the artist’s old school ink doodles are serious works of art.

We *wish* our doodles looked anything like this!

Like, holy crap, people. This is AMAZING.

Our heart will never recover from watching these works as they come to life.

Mmmmm why is this so soothing and enjoyable?!

We’re oh-so-pleased with this smooth, clean lines.

Too, the final product is always, always incredible.


Weird? Yes. Beautiful? Also yes.

BRB, we need to sign up for some art classes or something. Talk about goals, people!