We need to talk about the dangerous “ab crack” body trend

Oh, body trends. How many of you are there now? First there was the thigh gap — a wildly inaccurate way to measure your “thinness” based on the amount of space between your thighs. Then the “Finger Trap” test, which supposedly proved whether your face was attractive or not. And then of course “thighbrows,” the crease that can form on your upper thigh in certain positions. We mean, whatever, we could go on forever, but you get it. There are SO many incorrect body image tests and trends that prove to be damaging and dangerous to our self-esteem — but the internet wouldn’t be the internet without introducing us to a new one: the “ab crack.”

What is the “ab crack” exactly? It’s a vertical crease that forms on your stomach, and it’s supposed to indicate how toned and fit you are, says Metro.

We’re not totally sure where the term came from. But we do know that a couple days ago, Elle reported on the new trend, declaring that the “ab crack” is “the new six-pack.” Elle writes, “While Ab Cracks vary in depth and definition, all Ab Cracks show us you’ve been in the gym.”

Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and  Jourdan Dunn were used to exemplify what “ab crack” looks like (but please note, these women are not advocating or advertising the term):

If you do a quick search on Instagram using the hashtag #abcrack, you’ll also see non-celebs are posting selfies of their very toned, very creased tummies.

While there’s nothing WRONG with having an “ab crack” (just like there’s nothing wrong with having a thigh gap or thighbrow), it’s a little scary that this might be yet ANOTHER unrealistic goal women (and men!) think they need to achieve to be considered attractive.

We’re not the only ones with our eyebrows raised. People are taking to Twitter to express their concerns and confusion about the new trend: false false false false

Whether this fad catches on or not, we know this for sure: a body trend (or term, or test) does not determine how healthy you are — or how fit. If you have an “ab crack,” then great! If you don’t? It’s totally okay! All bodies are different, and that’s a beautiful thing.