We need this magical color-changing Bob Ross mug

Not only is this item going on our holiday wishlists, but we’re probably going to pick up a few for friends, as well — since nothing says “I love you” quite like this magical color-changing Bob Ross mug.

Many of us grew up with Bob Ross and his show, The Joy of Painting, which aired from 1983 to 1994. Ross was an artist and art instructor known for his permed afro, calm demeanor, and catchphrases. Not only was the show oddly relaxing, but it also taught us a bit about painting — especially when he decided to paint nature scenes. He was known for using the term “happy little trees,” which helped propel him into somewhat of a cultural icon.

Unfortunately, Ross’s show ended in 1994 — not due to lack of interest, but in order for the painter to focus on his health. Around that time, Ross was diagnosed with lymphoma which sadly claimed his life on July 4th, 1995. While he’s been gone for quite some time, his legacy remains. He’s still referenced in pop culture quite often, and multiple artists today credit him for getting them enthused about oil painting.

Ross is front and center in this mug, which is available on Oddity Mall for $14.95. The mug looks like it has a black background, but a beautiful painting emerges when a hot beverage is added.


But that’s not all. On the other side of the mug is an inspirational Ross saying that’s guaranteed to make any morning better.


The quote was taken from a special episode of The Joy of Painting when Ross decided to add a stream to his landscape.


Not only will this mug make your morning, but it’s the perfect reminder that there’s always something to be positive about — and that pretty much sums up the one-of-a-kind frame of mind of Bob Ross.