We need this $1 makeup cleaning brush that looks like an Easter egg

Washing your makeup brushes is now easier than ever with this $1 cleaning tool that resembles an Easter egg.

By now, most people know that properly cleaning your makeup brushes is a crucial element in maintaining clear and healthy skin. Product buildup and bacteria on dirty brushes can cause breakouts and whiteheads and even eye infections. Not to mention, potentially mess up a perfectly applied face if any previously-used product is still present. Never a good look!

The AOA Brush Cleaning Egg is a simple tool that works with your cleanser to get all the grimy whatnot that’s lurking in your precious brushes, without destroying the shape or texture of the bristles.

The doo-dad looks like a beautiful Easter egg and kind of reminds us of those popular silicone cleansing pad thingies that come with some face washes. To use, place the egg on your fingers, apply the brush cleanser to your moistened brush, and gently swirl your brush against the tool. Rinse until the water’s clear, squeeze out any excess water, and lay your brush flat on a towel to dry. Basically, the same steps involved in washing your brush the normal way, but now a little easier and quicker.

The egg cleaner comes in two shades of pink, black, purple, and baby blue (~almost~ a robin’s egg.)


For just $1 each, you can grab a handful of these unbreakable eggs. Would you just look at the texture on this thing? All those ridges will surely dislodge every tiny particle of powder or pigment that’s on your brush.


The egg sits upright, no Humpty Dumpty here!


Buy yours now at shopmissa.com for just $1! Hey, while you’re at it, stock up on two or three!

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