The best news! Katy Perry is selling official Left Shark onesies

Please tell me you haven’t already forgotten about Left Shark, the breakout hero of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. I get that there have been a lot of other really important news stories lately, but Left Shark will forever hold a place in our hearts. And if you’ve ever wanted to actually dress like Left Shark, there’s now a onesie for that, straight from Ms. Katy Perry herself.

That’s right. A Left Shark ONSIE. Katy must have heard our cries for more Left Shark paraphernalia. and figured out what we REALLY wanted was a one-piece Left Shark ensemble — thanks for delivering on our greatest wish, KP. She tweeted out the incredibly happy news last night:

The link takes you right to Katy’s merchandise shop, where you can add the Left Shark onsie to your cart, purchase it, patiently wait 6-8 weeks for delivery, and then ROCK THE LEFT SHARK ONSIE. I can’t think of any location where this Left Shark onsie isn’t completely suitable; meetings, dates, nights in, nights out. It’s basically made for every day use. Its price is a liiiiiiitle more than we want to pay (it’s $129.99) but TBH trying to DIY the Left Shark costume yourself will probs cost more than that. Your homemade suit also won’t come certified with the seal of approval from Katy.

If a onsie isn’t your style, you can instead opt for the Left Shark t-shirt, which is pretty great, too.

All of this to say, that Katy needs to embark on another leg of her Prismatic world tour immediately, so the audience can be filled with a million dancing fans in Left Shark onsies. Let’s make this happen.

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