#WeMetOnTwitter: 9 people reveal how they found love down in the DMs

With Valentine’s Day one day in the past, all the warm, tingly feelings are still very much in the air —particularly on social media. With the internet ruling most of our lives, this generation has endless opportunities to meet that special someone and fall in love. That’s exactly why so many gorgeous couples are posting about the moment they knew they’d found their special someone, with the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter and it’s glorious.

Those who didn’t find love are just now realizing they’ve been using Twitter wrong all along, which, to be honest, is most of us. Special shout out to the lonely hearts club still waiting to find their companion but keep the faith. These Tweets prove it is possible and love is out there for us all, somewhere.

Looks like love is virtually in the air if only one can muster the courage to DM that certain someone! false false

From a DM to dating to weddings and babies?! It can happen on more than a rom-com, people!




And then, bless their virtual souls, there are those still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right. Honestly, it’s harder than it looks to take that first step with the fear of getting ignored or blocked. Even still, thanks for the entertaining posts!


We think a lot of people scouring the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter might be realizing they’ve been doing it wrong. It’s apparent love really can happen anywhere — even Twitter! If you’re toeing the line, wondering if it’s worth a shot, go for it. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Besides, if you get rejected, at least it’s not to your face. Hey, it’s a silver lining!

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