We love what Matt Damon had to say about Robin Williams on the Golden Globes red carpet

It seems like every year, the loss of Robin Williams becomes more and more apparent. That’s why we’re totally loving the sweet words that Matt Damon said about Robin Williams on the Golden Globes red carpet last night. It’s almost like Damon summed up his experience with Williams, and his death, in the most poignant way possible.

It seems like only yesterday, but Williams helped launch both Damon and Ben Affleck’s careers. Way back in 1997, Damon and Affleck wrote and released the film Good Will Hunting, which was a huge success. Much of that was in part to Williams.

Williams played Sean Maguire — a therapist and psychology professor who helped reach through to Damon’s lead character, Will Hunting.

Despite the many successful roles that Damon has had since, obviously this one holds a special plate in his heart. So, it’s no surprise that he still has kind words to say about Williams, who passed away in 2014.

"Ben said recently, ‘It’s weird, we always felt like we had this incredible debt to pay him back. We thought there would be time to do that [but then] the abruptness of somebody leaving like that, and that realization comes that you’re never going to pay back this incredible thing that somebody did for you," Damon said to Ryan Seacrest.

Not only is this incredibly touching, but it’s thought-provoking as well. The death of Williams took us by surprise, proving that we can’t predict what’ll happen in life.

Damon admitted that the 20th anniversary of the film has just brought up “a lot of really good memories of him,” and we can’t even imagine what the experience of working with such a talent was like.

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