We know more about the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, and this new info is INTENSE

Sixty-six million years after their extinction, the world remains fascinated with dinosaurs. Thanks to a recent study, we know more about the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs — and this new information is seriously intense. The study, which was published in the journal Science, found that the asteroid linked to the demise of the creatures likely turned the Earth’s surface into liquid when it struck our planet 66 million years ago.

The asteroid's force was so strong that the planet's hard surface began to slosh back and forth like a liquid. Within a matter of minutes, the asteroid also tore open a 60-mile-wide gap and caused rocks to shoot upward, reaching heights that double the size of Mount Everest, NPR reports.

One of the most mind-blowing aspect of these findings is how quickly the planet was irreversibly altered. "This all happens on the scale of minutes, which is quite amazing, researcher Joanna Cole told BBC News.

As it turns out, science is way more dramatic than we even realized.